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Is history repeating itself?

Obeying our leaders is one of God’s commands, said Jakim at one of their sermons titled “A Test Of Loyalty” last week.

“Sesiapa yang memuliakan dan menghormati pemerintah, maka Allah akan memuliakannya pada hari kiamat. Manakala mereka yang tidak memuliakannya (pemimpin), maka Allah akan menghinanya pada hari kiamat kelak.”

(Translation: On the Day of Judgment, Allah will honour those who honour the government. Whereas on the Day of Judgment, Allah will punish those who do not honour their government.)

This statement reminded me of something that I read many months before in Mustafa Akyol’s “Islam Without Extremes”, and I just thought of sharing it with everyone.

Let’s take a step back into history.

In the 7th century, a group of Muslim theologians called the Qadaris assembled in Syria. They claimed that it would be unjust for God to punish and/or reward humans if He had not given them the free will to choose, thus they developed a doctrine that emphasised personal responsibility and disposition.

Not everyone agreed with their ideology. It didn’t take long for an opposing movement to form, called “Jabriyyah”. This movement refused to believe that humans had any free will.

The controversy between them caught the eyes of the Umayyad caliphs. After the passing of Muawiyah, the caliphate was passed to his son, Yazid, who was hated for killing Hussein (the grandson of the Prophet) during the Karbala Massacre. The Umayyads were known for their despotism and were eager to manipulate religion for power.

They were interested in the argument between the Qadaris and Jabriyyah because the argument of predestination from the latter meant that if God had determined everything in eternity, He must also have determined the sovereignty of the Umayyad dynasty.

What was originally a theological controversy quickly turned into a political war. Throughout the ninety year reign of the Umayyad dynasty, the Qadari movement remain suppressed, with some of its members even getting arrested and executed for questioning the authorities.

Rational thinking was prohibited by those in power as they did not want their power to get threatened. There was absolutely no religious basis behind it. In the words of human rights activist Iyad El-Baghdadi, “Historically, what is or isn’t mainstream (in Islam) has always been a function of power, not of truth.”

As you can see, this kind of dirty political tactic has been in play for centuries. People have been misusing and manipulating religion for their own selfish gains for a long time. Using the name of religion is a very convenient way to justify all injustices and irresponsibilities.

The real question now is: Are we going to allow history to repeat itself?

Most politicians don’t care where you end up on the Day of Judgment. They only truly care about their position and their sovereignty.

Is it necessary that we blindly follow our leader merely because of his title? I will never bow down to a leader that is a liar and a cheat, but shall willingly respect and honour a leader that upholds virtues of justice and righteousness.


3 comments on “Is history repeating itself?

  1. kaptonok
    March 17, 2016

    ‘People have been misusing and manipulating religion for their own selfish gains for a long time.’
    Spot on and we can add anything else they can use to gain asendancy.
    Religion has , at least until now, had a good name , so its a suitable cover for greed and evil.
    Secularism will be used in the same way under the guise of honest truth.
    The human conscience is still very weak and is pushed into the background by selfish ambition.
    History is controlled by human nature and a look at it through a backward telescope reveals our nature.

  2. Anonymous
    March 18, 2016

    Nothing is spared from umno-bn’s insult.

  3. Azizi Ahmad
    March 21, 2016

    Assalamualaikum. We cannot take a translation from the Al-Quran as a direct words for implementations. It needs to be discuss, understand and practice. Upon that then we can understand what it actually means. Thus, just by merely restating what the Quran verses said, deems a person to be righteous and unquestionable is wrong. These kind of things have blatantly used and sadly to say not many Muslim feel this is wrong. Islam do not required to be shown as righteous or to be boasted proudly. Islam is already right and stands proudly on it owns. Nobody needs to do that. However the question to all Muslim is, does real Islam stands inside me ? Does the evidence of Islamic righteous exists in me ? Have I able to show any kind of indications about ALLAH as My Only One God ? Where are the evidences ? If we are not able to put them perspective and even show them physically & spiritually, feel them, practice them (in things we do daily), then it will be wise to sorts out these first. There must be indisputable evidences available to oneself.
    “Apabila sampai penyaksian keatas diri, barulah dapat di ceritakan dan di perkatakan ditentang Islam sebenar-benarnya (Pepatah Melayu – penuhkan air di dalam gelas terlebih dahulu, jangan lihat pada tungau seberang laut tapi lihat gajah depan mata).
    ” That’s the reason the word “Aku Naik Saksi…” is part of the Shahadah….be the witness that ALLAH is our only God. Therefore, what were said above sadly true. We need to be impartial (which we see not happening)l. “Today….Islam mengikut politk dan dipolitikkan.” Actually politic is small portion of Islam is not the other way around.

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