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A Fatwa to the Fatwa Declaring Online Chatting HARAAM!

Muslim Reformation

Lo and behold! A fatwa has been passed by His Holiness Sheikh Abdullah that a man chatting with a woman is HARAAM! Given the fact that this comes from a “senior scholar”, his opinion must be right. I mean, surely you weren’t thinking of using your brains for once? BECAUSE THAT IS HARAAM TOO! After all, these folks dedicate their lives to spread the word of Allah and His messenger! We must listen and obey.


Except, maybe not!

What’s rather ironic is that this mainstream thought is exactly what the Quran challenges. Reasoning for yourselves is advocated in numerous verses, and blindly following the customs of your forefathers and the opinions of scholars, discouraged.

Now, when it comes to matters on modesty, we have an excellent example in Yousuf (salutes and respect to him). He was sexually approached by the lady of the house in which he was brought up…

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