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Oxford Union debate: “This House believes Islam is incompatible with gender equality”


oxf union 1

oxf union 2

This is the transcript of the debate I (and my team) won at the Oxford Union on Thursday 23rd of May, 2014, opposing the motion: “This House Believes Islam Is Incompatible with Gender Equality”
Final results: 166 opposition, 51 proposition

Ladies and gentleman, I’m here with you this evening to oppose this motion because I believe my ‎faith, Islam, is underpinned by a core principle of justice, which necessarily implies the full equality ‎of men and women. Moreover I urge you to think carefully about the infantilising and frankly ‎patronising implications of suggesting that Muslim women just don’t really know what’s good for ‎them.‎
But the significance of this topic and your recognition that it is entirely legitimate and coherent to ‎be both a Muslim, a practitioner of Islam, and to believe the faith is not only compatible with ‎gender equality, but fundamentally demands it, is far bigger than my…

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