Forever young.

"Speak now or forever hold your peace in pieces."


Mohamed Ghilan


وراتب مجهول أو من أبنا *** وأغلف عبد خصي ابن زنا

gay-male-symbol-and-lesbian-female-symbol-webThe subject of sexual orientation is quite sensitive within the Muslim community. This is especially the case in our postmodern times of “question everything”, “nothing is sacred”, and “I can do whatever I want so long as I’m not hurting anyone else”. Matters that were never contentious until only recently are now receiving the spotlight. Some might see it as a sign of a healthy mind. After all, when one is being inquisitive and challenges the status quo, they’re not being a blind follower. However, we’re in a unique position in comparison to our predecessors. The rate of literacy, and by that I only mean the ability to read and write, is far beyond what anyone from the past could have imagined for a population. This has now allowed for an unprecedented capacity for general laymen to open up…

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