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Why I Do Not Agree With Hudud In Malaysia

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“Kalau kita cakap kita tidak boleh melaksanakan Hudud kerana ia tidak sesuai, ia merupakan syirik besar dan kita akan dicampakkan ke dalam neraka.”

Translation: “If we say Hudud law is not suitable in Malaysia, we are committing shirk and we will be thrown into Hell.”

Those were the words that made me cringe in the lecture hall during my 3 hour Islamic Studies class. It appalled me to know that some lecturers don’t teach you how to think, but rather, they teach what to think. With no explanation, no nothing, the ustaz that lectured the class just went on to tell everyone that if we don’t think Hudud can be applied to Malaysia, they were meant for Hellfire for sure. He didn’t even bother to understand why people did not agree to it. He merely just said whoever does not agree is “our enemy”.

As usual, people result to fear-mongering to get others on their side. I wonder when will they ever notice that the way they preach creates more apathy against Islam and fear of God within Muslims, instead of acceptance of Islam and love for God. I mean, how many of us can truly say we are doing something because we love God and not because we are afraid of Hell? Wallahualam.

See, a lot of Malaysians, especially the conservative Muslims, misunderstand when some Muslims disagree with the implementation of Hudud law in Malaysia. They think that we disagree with it, or even worse, disbelieve in God’s divinity. Most of the time, however, this is not the case. A lot of Muslims (me included) disagree with the implementation of Hudud law, not the law itself, because we don’t trust people, not because we don’t trust in Islam. We disagree in fear that God’s divine law will be manipulated by the evil, unjust, corrupted and tyrannical to achieve their own selfish agendas. We disagree in fear that it will taint the justice that it was supposed to serve. When a divine law is being handled by petty human beings like ourselves, injustice is bound to happen.

Many in favour of the implementation of the law will argue saying “It’s God’s law. We have to do it no matter what. It is the right thing to do and God will eventually show the way.” The simplest way to test this hypothesis is to look at other Muslim countries that abide by the Islamic criminal jurispudence and ask yourself, “How do they treat their women, children and minorities? Are they treated justly and fairly?” You’d find the answer to be a resounding “No”. Despite their status as an Islamic country, many states that implement Hudud law are listed some of the most corrupt states in the world. If this is not enough to show you the damage that can be done by implementing the law, I don’t know what will.

Despite Islam being the first religion to grant women and children rights and the oft-quoted statement “We are all equal in the eyes of God”, modern-day interpretations has been made in such a way that depicts men as more superior than women. With this fact in mind, it is important to note that Hudud law will most probably be used to favour men. This in itself is a contradiction to Hudud law and Islam’s aim for a just and equal society and has been revealed by the way many Islamic states run their country. Islam has been long misunderstood as a misogynistic and oppressive religion, thus enforcing a law that can easily be subjected to manipulation will only strengthen the stigma people have against Muslims.

A few months ago, I watched The Stoning Of Soraya M. This movie is a perfect depiction of how Hudud law has been used and manipulated for someone’s own selfishness and greed, and is based on a true story.

Ali, Soraya’s husband, concocted a lie against her, blaming her for infidelity. His purpose was to rid of his “inconvenient wife” just so that he can marry a 14-year-old girl who was the daughter of a rich doctor. He managed to get 3 people to play along with him, thus fulfilling the 4 witnesses rule needed to stone someone for infidelity. A particular line in the movie that has been stuck on my mind since, “When a woman accuses her husband of infidelity, she has to prove his guilt. When a man accuses his wife of infidelity, she has to prove her innocence.” This movie covers more than just Hudud law. It shows many more injustices practiced in Islamic states. But a post about this movie will be saved for a later time.

During the time of the Prophet, the harsh punishments of Hudud law were meant to deter people from committing crimes. But in this modern world, it can be seen as means to achieve selfish agendas. Back then, we had the Prophet to ensure justice was served, to supervise. But now? Malaysia is as corrupted as it is already with our current judiciary system, and people still want to implement a code of law that will most probably be manipulated and can cause more harm than we already have? And to top it all off, because Hudud law is a religious law, it “cannot be questioned” and thus, whatever the judge says, goes. No matter how unfair it may seem.

I’ve said it once and I’ll say it again.
I trust in Islam. I don’t trust in people.

EDIT: Someone just told me, “Only those who did wrong should be afraid (of the harsh punishments).” This is not about those who did wrong anymore, but those who will be wronged. Soraya Manutchehri was an innocent and loyal housewife, but she was still stoned. It’s about wanting a safer environment for all. Soraya is only one of the many people stoned for the crimes they did not commit. It is important to note that rape statistics in Saudi Arabia, known as one of the most conservative Islamic states in the world, is also one of the highest. This is because many of the rape victims who report to the authorities are charged instead of their perpetrator, and are punished for illicit sex.

EDIT2: “As true believers, we have to make sure Hudud law happens. To those who were wronged, God will give justice to the innocent. Maybe not now, but he will.” Are we going to use this reason to stop poverty as well? As long as we have a voice, I believe in standing up for justice. Are we just going to let injustices happen, and just observe by the sidelines? Yes, God will always give justice to the innocent, but this does not mean we should not do anything.

EDIT3: “If someone is wrongly judged, that is the judge’s fault, not Hudud’s fault.” Yes, of course it is not Hudud’s fault. But that is enough to see the harm that misusing Hudud law can cause. Will you be able to redeem the wrongly accused once their arms have been cut off, or even worse, stoned to death? I had hoped that the unjust deaths that had been carried out under Hudud law would be a lesson to us all.

EDIT4: I’ve had people tell me that the only reason why I do not agree with the implementation of Hudud law is because I have “trust issues”, and then they go ahead and tell me that all laws can be manipulated. I would like to rewind them to what I have written above:

Malaysia is as corrupted as it is already with our current judiciary system, and people still want to implement a code of law that will most probably be manipulated and can cause more harm than we already have? And to top it all off, because Hudud law is a religious law, it “cannot be questioned” and thus, whatever the judge says, goes. No matter how unfair it may seem.

It may sound like having trust issues to you, but it’s just me being cautious. Yes, all laws can be manipulated and our judiciary isn’t as transparent as we’d like, but it does not take much to realize that Hudud law, due to its religious backing, is subjected to more harmful manipulation. This is evident in Middle Eastern countries. Please refer to EDIT3.


267 comments on “Why I Do Not Agree With Hudud In Malaysia

  1. wan
    April 24, 2014

    Great article.. Very rational point 🙂 helps me think thanks 😀
    Hey if someone bash u for this, chill up.. They’re just bashing, not thinking

  2. CT
    April 24, 2014

    I’ve never really agreed with hudud law being implemented in malaysia and some are saying I need to recheck my faith and belief in Allah. How preposterous is that? Allah is my God and He knows it all, especially about why hudud is not yet (or will never) be sanctioned in Malaysia. This is a great article, alongside Nadira Ilana’s. Kudos to you.

    • hello
      May 2, 2014

      well, Allah swt made us as a khalifa on earth, our task is easy, just too follow all the rules that He has made. He gave us numerous of bounties, why cant we be thankful for it and obey His law? its not an option to implement hudud, its an obligation really. there’s no such reason that its not the right time or what so ever called reasons. if you scared of hudud, dont make sinful acts. its easy really. hudud is for the guilt. are you guilty? so no. dont be scared to implement hudud. ALLAH KNOWS BEST THAN YOU. remember honey, you’re just His creation. pfft, dont act like you know better than your CREATOR. xoxo

      • Azman A. Hamid
        May 5, 2014

        Soraya M obeyed all laws yet she was framed and stoned to death. Can you explain how a person who did not commit a crime was stoned to death?

        • Anonymous
          May 8, 2014

          Simple. Blame the higher-ups.

          Believe in Allah. Believe in Islam because Islam is simple. Like the writer said, she doesnt want hudud implemented for fearing people misused laws. Its PEOPLE, not the law itself..

          and.. I don’t really believe the video. because some of my friends have been saying that it is a Syiah doing, not a real Muslim video. (dont noe)


          • Anonymous
            June 11, 2014

            I am not sure if it’s shiah but the movie was based on a journal by a French-Iranian journalist. And well the French have been opposing the usage of headscarf. Just saying.

        • Anonymous
          May 29, 2014

          She will be forgiven, the guilty ones will suffer after life.

          • Anonymous
            March 26, 2015

            That is not the point…… the guilty suffer in after life but enjoy the current living, while an innocent died……. how could this be any way fair to the innocent? Why can’t the innocent live?

            Being forgiven after life is a mere excuse, why should the innocent have to die while scums are allowed to live on this earth. Is that even fair?

            I for once, will not stand for this sort of law. It is easily manipulative to one’s end!

      • Anonymous
        May 12, 2014

        Really agreed with you.. May Allah bless us.. Please people, don’t think that you know better than your creator.. Hope your comment will help others that still in prejudice regarding Hudud.. Salam alaik ya sahabah..

      • Anonymous
        May 12, 2014

        Owh god, my friend, what ever you have learnt from ALLAH was passed to you over generations of MEN. I am pretty sure ALLAH, the creator had given us and the author brains to think and rationalize and grow over time.I really think u should practice thinking and not being a mere follower. If not ALLAH would not have even bothered creating such a complex organ called the brain. Anyways, the author has got it spot on. If only we had more rational and progressive thinkers like the author, I think the world would be a lot nicer to live in.

  3. Ike
    April 24, 2014

    “Only those who did wrong should be afraid (of the harsh punishments).”

    Lets not even go there. Can anyone tell us how would this hudud and non-hudud (layman terms) courts talk to each other? Even the simple syariah court that handles divorce cases have huge problems when it comes to mualafs .

    you are right. its not that I do not like hudud. The legal system in the country is not built for it. the foundation takde. its not like we can go “hey! lets replace the laws with this one. Dont worry non muslims! you will not be effected”?

    hellfire? more like hell-no.

  4. Mr. Hudud
    April 24, 2014

    So if we follow your suggestions, then we should cancel all other laws LOL… How many innocent people are in jail now, or sentenced to death for something they didn’t commit… I’m talking about your favourite countries with less corruptions…

    To be honest, your article doesn’t make sense, you’re just trying to prove that we shouldn’t implement a law because you’re scared it’s misused, but in fact all laws can be misused if some conditions are met…

    I’ll stop here now, I don’t want to add more :-P…

    • sfqomhz
      April 25, 2014

      Because all laws can be misused is the reason why I do not agree with Hudud being implemented. Please read carefully.

      • Anonymous
        April 27, 2014

        then if all laws can be misused? And your.objection against implementing a certain law is it’s likeness to be misused then shouldnt logic dictates you are against all laws? Strawman logic. I understand you.are against hudud. But in sofar as this article goes not understand why you are against hudud law specifically instead of other laws.

        • sfqomhz
          April 27, 2014

          The whole article explains it. If you did not get what I was trying to say, I suggest you read it again, or you can read about why the Middle East is one of the most corrupted regions in the world. Thank you.

          • Reaper
            April 29, 2014

            Civil law are subjected to regular reviews and in certain cases can be contested. Ie. judges’ rulings have been known to be successfully appealed against, they are not the final word. On the other hand, hudud does not allow for this due to it being god’s word. But really who’s behind god, or playing god? Who guards the “guardians”? Edit4 sums it all up perfectly.

            Thank you author, reading your piece raised my faith in humanity somewhat. 🙂

            • gajendran1991
              May 11, 2014

              The author has really structured her points and arguments validly. Yes conventional law maybe swayed with coin or fear towards the person dishing out the punishment. Who’s to say hudud law won’t be the same. Just because it’s god’s law, *humans* are going to stop lying and taking corruption. The biggest sinful act is doing something in the name of ‘god’ i believe. Let’s take the stoning to death example. If i’m not mistaken yes there are rules, regulations and i guess really thorough investigation should be done. But, what if a person want’s the frame another person and that case is solid. Although the person is innocent, you want to let a human life just go away just like that. And dont tell me it’s because god wills it to be like that. That’s what everybody in every religion tells their people to console their self. At least with conventional law, if the case is strong, the person will probably not spend life in prison or something – there is still something to live for. And if you say look at saudi’s rape cases compared to malaysia. I could very well turn the table.

              1. Where is a *rape victim* gonna find 4 witnesses.
              2. If she manages to win the case – she will also be punished for adultery?
              3. Most rape cases (weather hudud or conventional law) goes unreported because rape is a very sensitive thing, and humans do not like to speak up about it because they feel embarrassed (psychologically speaking – experiments and interviews have been done before to back up this point)
              4. Saudi may or may not have have that many rape cases or people not reporting it – we will not know. But if it happens everywhere in the world – i can put my life on it, the *real* figure will be well above what’s their country reports.

              Let’s just look at the failed countries – pakistan, somalia, bangladesh,

              Hudud law or conventional law. Humans are always going to make mistakes if they think they can get away with it

        • Anonymous
          February 26, 2015

          Why don’t we just focus on improving the law that has been implemented in our country right now? There is no rush in implementing hudud law, is there? In fact, there has been existing cases that law is violated and it is all because of human’s mind and greed. Do you think God’s words are really going to be helpful if someone is behind all these?
          God will surely punish them in hellfire in their afterlife, but it will be too late for the innocent living their lives.

      • Anonymous
        April 28, 2014

        Yea, we have overlooked all human are sinful. No one can be looked better by supporting/embracing Hudud or else laws. I’m Christian, I know laws is the best accuser to bring us definite death. Is the law sin? No, yet if it had not been for the law, I would not have known sin. “I was once alive apart from the law, but when the commandment came, sin came alive and I died.” Romans 7:9. If we thought applying law will make us better religiously? No, it will make us looked uglier and hypocritical. There will be no hope from law to make us “cleaner”, as we only can expect the prosecution towards the offenders rather to hope them to turn away from sins and wrongdoings. Our motive is by stressing to let people scare to be punished rather to teach people to obey the law by strong good will with the respect to God. Another thing, Hudud won’t detect the hidden/masked evil side of man where people have lot of sinful thoughts inside their heart/thoughts.

      • Just curious
        June 11, 2014

        Can i ask you a few questions? I haven’t seen the stoning movie but I was wondering why Soraya couldn’t prove her innocence? Where there no forensic tests carried out? What time background was this movie based on?

        • sfqomhz
          June 14, 2014

          1979, and it was in a rural village.

      • mohd shafiq bin mohd kamal
        July 1, 2014

        U are in devils trap coz u arguing too much n gave many reasons so islamic laws will not be implemented. U are in confused. Maybe u afraid if hudud become reality so u cant hv freedom to enjoy this world (clubbing,party,free hair etc). U hv to realize that Allah knows best for His servants. Just because a movie and u become afraid? Do u think that Allah will let that kind of injustice happen just like that? For me it just a movie to test our iman..remember in this world our beloved Prophet Muhammad s.a.w has predicted about dajjal..if u choose water from dajjal it means fire n if u choose fire it means water. Wake up n open your heart..
        Surah An-Nisa, Verse 58:
        إِنَّ اللَّهَ يَأْمُرُكُمْ أَن تُؤَدُّوا الْأَمَانَاتِ إِلَىٰ أَهْلِهَا وَإِذَا حَكَمْتُم بَيْنَ النَّاسِ أَن تَحْكُمُوا بِالْعَدْلِ إِنَّ اللَّهَ نِعِمَّا يَعِظُكُم بِهِ إِنَّ اللَّهَ كَانَ سَمِيعًا بَصِيرًا

        Surely Allah commands you to make over trusts to their owners and that when you judge between people you judge with justice; surely Allah admonishes you with what is excellent; surely Allah is Seeing, Hearing.

        Surah An-Nisa, Verse 60:
        أَلَمْ تَرَ إِلَى الَّذِينَ يَزْعُمُونَ أَنَّهُمْ آمَنُوا بِمَا أُنزِلَ إِلَيْكَ وَمَا أُنزِلَ مِن قَبْلِكَ يُرِيدُونَ أَن يَتَحَاكَمُوا إِلَى الطَّاغُوتِ وَقَدْ أُمِرُوا أَن يَكْفُرُوا بِهِ وَيُرِيدُ الشَّيْطَانُ أَن يُضِلَّهُمْ ضَلَالًا بَعِيدًا

        Have you not seen those who assert that they believe in what has been revealed to you and what was revealed before you? They desire to summon one another to the judgment of the Shaitan, though they were commanded to deny him, and the Shaitan desires to lead them astray into a remote error.

        Surah An-Nisa, Verse 61:
        وَإِذَا قِيلَ لَهُمْ تَعَالَوْا إِلَىٰ مَا أَنزَلَ اللَّهُ وَإِلَى الرَّسُولِ رَأَيْتَ الْمُنَافِقِينَ يَصُدُّونَ عَنكَ صُدُودًا

        And when it is said to them: Come to what Allah has revealed and to the Apostle, you will see the hypocrites turning away from you with (utter) aversion.

        • sfqomhz
          July 1, 2014

          I am not afraid because of the movie. Out of everything I wrote, that’s all you managed to gather? Maybe you should read the Hudud Bill of PAS, before saying I am against Islamic law. I am not against Islamic law, I am against PAS’ version of Hudud. There is a vast difference, and you ought to learn it before labeling me.

          Injustices HAVE happened because Hudud law. We all know what happens when power falls into the wrong hands, what more in the name of religion. Learn the reality of the oppressed, instead of only seeing things from your comfort zone.

          Like what you have quoted, Allah is Seeing, Hearing, is He not? So why do you act like you know what is written within this heart as though you are Allah Himself? You label me a devil, because you assume just because I don’t cover my hair, I club and party? Just amazing. I’m so thankful that judgment is only in His hands, and not petty humans. I truly am.

      • Amatullah
        April 22, 2015

        Your word in itself, bring clear prove to as why we SHOULD Implement Hudud and Shariah law. If it’s human by nature isrebellious even against the Lord who created her/him.

        Would it be better than to have govern by the law of mankind?
        Law of mankind with all its imperfection and bias judgement.

        What a confuse state of mind you have here. Isn’t it an irony to what you’ve said?

        Study carefully on how the law of the superpower state of USA was misused in the election of Bush and gore election in the banner of the so called ‘Democracy’ and ‘Freedom of Choice’. How a woman name Dr Afiaa Siddique was sentenced to a 86 years in jail under the USA Jurisprudence for ‘attempted murder’ and freedom of political speech while you have the worst kind of Serial killer let loose on a 20 years jail sentence and bailed.

        SubhanAllah, Is this the law that you rather be govern with?

      • Anonymous
        October 21, 2015

        Agree.just look at the other islam contries.they misused hudud laws make ntizen become suffer.n also,it make islam slandered (terfitnah)and become mean on people eyes.kbye,sori for broken english

    • Khai Xiong
      April 25, 2014

      If by your own accounts, Mr. Hudud, a simpler/banal civic law is already being malpracticed, what would be stopping those who are unethical from exploiting hudud? The punishment if being bore out would be much harsher in hudud than in a normal civil law, the effect on a potentially innocent person being framed would have been much worse.

      Her article makes a lot of sense, and yours doesn’t.

      • RKO
        April 25, 2014

        may I ask those in favor of hudud, why hate and fight communism so much when you’re now suggesting a law that it’s so much similar in some ways to the communist country north Korea that uses force and brutality to impose fear into ppl to remain order? have u seen a successful first world country with such law? have u also seen a successful first world democratic country that has political party representing race or religion? if we cannot grow out of these mentality, we’ll never grow up and out from being a 3rd world country….

        • Anonymous
          April 27, 2014

          Borneo uses that law, look at it right now

          • Anonymous
            May 1, 2014

            Borneo is not using any shariah law. I think your talking about Brunei. Ps get your geography right

            • Anonymous
              May 10, 2014

              Bornea uses hudud law, im LOL! Geography really fail…

        • Hammam
          April 28, 2014

          What do you mean successful? Most of the contries now are using the law that the writer/you are championing about. For like how many years. Tell me there are no more suffering in these countries. Ok easy one tell me about the case of Israel and Palestine. So much of modern law. So much for success. So much for equality. Think. Not hate. Not mental block. Not brain washed.

        • Amatullah
          April 22, 2015

          The difference is that One is a Divine Revelation and the latter is man made.
          Which in its totality just make a huge difference.

      • mohd shafiq bin mohd kamal
        July 1, 2014

        Human laws is injustice. Full of corrupted. Like what happen in our country. The crimes keep increasing. This happened bcoz we implement the british law..where the wrong can be right n full of bribes..the punishment also injustice,can be corrupted in the name of human rights n democracy. We muslims support Allah law!

        • sfqomhz
          July 1, 2014

          There is a difference between Allah’s law and PAS’ Hudud law. Learn to differentiate before denouncing people of their faith. Thank you.

    • Too Noob
      April 25, 2014

      I am just wondering if god love you so much,why would most of the islamic country that use hudud law are in corruption?why does the country that implement hudud law,women does that are say to have equal dignity and stuff have to hijab ,cannot come out to work and not frequently employ or have the highest raping case although ur hijab law is apply?hudud is wrongly interpret and you all keep believe but not asking why.i can only see the misuse of hudud law.hudud will only be more and more misinterpret and coz more islamic extremist in the country furthermore create another taliban of malaysia that maybe catching head of dap and tell the world we are going to behead him coz he disagree with the mighty’s god law,plz la,stop it!Times flies,last time when ur prophet is still alive,they dun have something call gun but now we have,we can use the gun but not a knife,the worst video i have ever seen is shouting the mighty doa and chopping of the head,it is not a stone age anymore,hang or gun shot into head is a better way to die than chopping off the head and i forget to tell u i am a buddhist,we love everything and we forgive everything,if u all hell yeah dun wanna to get in the hell,i will be the first one the volunteer and fill up the place for ur hell position,so plz,when i am still alive,let me have a peaceful live without chopping ppl head thingy still happen especially it happen in my country,plz ,i AM NOT A COWARD THAT SCARE TO FILL UP UR HELL POSITION .Just because u didn implement ur law and u get kick into ur god’s hell and i have done tons of great and good thing like saving ppl lives and i deserve the damn heaven,I WILL FKING EXCHANGE MY PLACE WITH U

      • lulu
        April 25, 2014


        • Anonymous
          April 26, 2014

          He is basically trying to say, look at it from another perspective, why the need for changing of law to frighten people into not doing bad and go to hell… When it is even better on encouraging people to do good and go to heaven…

      • TamilR
        April 29, 2014

        hahaha great reply to those who blindly supporting hudud just for the god sake…

        • Anonymous
          May 12, 2014

          my response to you… Subhanallah…

      • Kau la noob. Noob teruk pulak tu.
        June 11, 2014

        You know, you really sound stupid than you think you are. At least get your grammar right, before taking on political issues. And your points lagi terabur dari rambut seth rogen. It makes you sound more backwards than the stone age you claim hudud belongs to. But lets not concentrate on that. Let’s concentrate on what YOU are trying to say. So from what i read, this is your flow of points.

        Hudud is ineffective because Islamic countries still turn out to be corrupt > Women don’t have equal dignity; can’t go to work, frequently unemployed > Even though hiijab is worn, islamic countries have the highest rape cases > Muslims blindly believe in hudud > Hudud can only be misused > Hudud will be the rise of taliban in Malaysia > Taliban catches head of dap > beheads him because suddenly head of dap says he disagrees with god > It’s not the stone age anymore its better to shoot someone > tells you he’s Buddhist and that Buddhists love everything and forgive everything > volunteers to take your place in hell > wants a peaceful life without any head chopping in his own country > reminds you that he is not a coward and will still take your position in hell > says he saves lives and deserves a place in heaven but still will trade it for your position in hell > says Muslims have to do a bunch of good stuff > fuck-fuck-fuck-fuck-fuck-fuck > better future, better world.

        Now i’ll rebut base on your handicapped flow.

        First Islamic country with the highest corruption comes at number 26. Singapore has higher corruption (As of 2013)

        Hudud has nothing to do with employment. That’s Patriarchy.

        Highest rape rate belongs to United States of America (As of 2013)

        That’s not blindness. That’s obedience. You don’t see it because you’re from another religion.

        Capital punishment has more misuse. If that makes you happy.

        Taliba…wait. whaaaat? How the hell did that pop up your brain? Seriously that is freaking racist generalizing Muslims to Taliban

        Hudud laws does not apply to non-muslims. You have the right to your own religion. It’s in the constitution.

        I think they’ll behead you first for being a moron.

        The death by sword punishment is only given to offenders who took other lives. Isn’t that fair? A life for a life. So do me a favor and shoot yourself back to the stone age.

        Yes Buddhism is undoubtedly one of the most peaceful religion. But how come you’re screaming out profanity and suddenly making a tantrum for no reason at all. You seem like a spoiled brat. Your Buddhist brethren must be sad to have you.

        Dude, morons already belong in hell.

        But you can still live peacefully with death sentence by the gallows around you? it’s the same concept. You’re not making sense and you never did since your first sentence.

        You must have been through a lot of hardship to even have half the balls to say you’re not a coward to go to hell. (Seems like Pinocchio is behind the keyboard)

        So you’ve saved lives and still want to go to hell? you seem really keen on going to hell macha. You must want to save lives there too. Sooo noble la you~

        1) There are muslims who do donate blood and liver.
        2) With or without hudud, research on cancer still goes on

        How about you go trade places in hell now so a better future and a better world can exist 🙂

        You must have never went through university.

    • Sayyid Husni Halim
      May 1, 2014

      Are you sure that you are a Muslim? You better check your syahadah and also your aurat back. Thanks.

      • hafiz
        May 4, 2014

        Ad hominem. If can’t fight the argument then just discredit the arguer.

      • nangoi
        May 4, 2014

        Are you sure that you have Brain? You better read the article until you get the real points of what she is trying to deliver. and also go get some IQ level test too.

        “Those were the words that made me cringe in the lecture hall during my 3 hour Islamic Studies class. It appalled me to know that some lecturers don’t teach you how to think, but rather, they teach what to think. With no explanation, no nothing, the ustaz that lectured the class just went on to tell everyone that if we don’t think Hudud can be applied to Malaysia, they were meant for Hellfire for sure. He didn’t even bother to understand why people did not agree to it. He merely just said whoever does not agree is “our enemy”.”

      • dude, give a good intelectual argument, instead of bashing her…yes, she is not a perfect muslimah with her free hair etc, but her idea is good…she against hudud, not because she against the law, but she against the people who MAY MISUSE the law…islam is perfect, but people aint…basically, we need a higher standard citizen with good critical thinking,and good leader…you for example are not a critical thinker, only able to comment her, without any good arguemeny..personally, i love her thinking, but i still agree implementation of Hudud, but only in state that said they are ready, like a national level, a lot of work still need to be done..

        • Anonymous
          May 12, 2014

          Agreed, many things have to be done before implement hudud. Like Islamisation of Muslims, else we would lose bulk of Muslim population due to stoning since zeenah is so common nowadays.

      • bakahaido
        May 12, 2014

        why does being a Muslim mean never questioning the decision of not Allah himself, but the decision of the country’s political and religious leaders? In so many countries can we see now that religion can be manipulated to fulfill the selfish desires of powerful leaders. Can you truly say that all the religious leaders in the world are devoid of corruption? And people who gains no guilt from manipulating religion to serve their own purpose, would it be right to give them the power to judge the sins of others without questioning from others? If we implement hudud law and the judgement truly came from God, i will be willing to abide by it without contest. But to be judged by people i do not trust, people who take their own words and convictions as the word of God, even innocent people should be scared of hudud law.

    • Krazie_b
      May 2, 2014


    • Miss Light
      May 5, 2014

      Yeah. I agree with you.

  5. fr
    April 24, 2014

    So you’re saying that because human may or may not manipulate God’s law, hence we cannot apply Hudud? what about the law that’s created by human themselves? should we apply that instead?

    I recalled a story of an indian girl who was raped in her own house, as it turned out she defended herself and killed the rapist with a metal bar. And you know what happened to her after the case was brought to the court?
    SHE WAS SENTENCED TO PRISON for alleged murder (while defending herself)
    You see? even in that case (speaking of law created by human) there’s a defect of applying the whole system. You think that’s fair for her? No.

    You can’t say since there is a CHANCE that human will manipulate everything therefore that is why Hudud law is not applicable. can’t say that.

    Human will always manipulate. It has nothing to do with either applying God’s law or ones created by human.

    My actual point here is – as a true believer, we all know WHAT COMES FROM GOD is the only law that is true and what we must follow. We must follow because we believe

    • sfqomhz
      April 25, 2014

      The girl was sentenced to prison for protecting herself from rape, but was she stoned for “illicit sex”? I have mentioned this, and I will mention this again: Our judiciary system is as corrupt as it already is, and implementing a religious law will not make things better, if not worse.

      • eh
        April 25, 2014

        then, what law that will never ever manipulated by people? do we have that?

        And the disbelievers planned, but Allah planned. And Allah is the best of planners. (Al Imran: 54)

        • Jonathan
          April 26, 2014

          There’s no law ever existed that man will never manipulate. All this article is focusing on is that with the existing judiciary system, which is very detailed and specific, man can still manipulate, misuse and abuse it to no end, and there many innocent people being punished for a crime they did not commit.

          You can only imagine what would happen to the innocent people under hudud’s law. Some of the punishment involve a very significant change to a person’s life that can never be undone.

          Do you want that to happen to you? Your family? Your friends? Sure it doesn’t affect the people that doesn’t do crime, but what if someday you had a fight with your neighbour, and your neighbour found a way to frame you to a crime, and you lost a limb as a punishment, or one of your family lost a limb? Surely you don’t want that. I don’t want that.

          Our system is just not ready for this.

          • oggy059
            April 29, 2014

            It’s not as easy as that to frame someone for a crime. There are many criteria need to be fulfilled to be a witness and women can be a witness too is a certain circumstances. Just by complotting with someone is not enough. And to reach the cutting limb sentence you need to reach a certain degree of crime. You might need to be a really notorious criminal to be severely executed with hudud law. The hudud law also exists to uphold justice for example, in the case of a mom who stole two milk powder cans was sentenced to 2 years in prison due to civil law, while hudud law dictates that to sentence an accused person, we need to take consideration of the country’s economic situation. In the era of Umar al-Khattab, he didn’t execute a poor person for a theft due to economy of the country is in dire state. The stoning in Pakistan is due to culture or the-so-called honor killing, it’s not hudud law. I also share the same view that if the hudud law is under a corrupt, notorious people, we should unite to overthrow those people and replace them with someone we can trust(Someone like Nik Aziz). Is it really hard to find a really neutral and anti-corruption person in Malaysia nowadays?My point is blame not the system, but blame the people who execute them. Even a dictator can make an election every 4-5 years where he will always be the winner. Is the democracy we should put the blame on?

            • anon
              May 4, 2014

              How do you overthrow a government that implements hudud? Everyone will be branded as kafirs and blasphemers. Pls note the current label for those against administration are traitors and ingrates. It wont take much for these labels to change.

            • Empty
              May 5, 2014

              Indeed. I agree with you, we should change the ruler.

      • Ali
        April 25, 2014

        you are dressing up your self. citing weak examples. the story about that woman in Iran is entirely based on that movie that is not confirmed by any third party. it could very well be fiction.even if it was not, does it nullify the commandments of god because of some fears ??
        i will try to prove you wrong in few bullet points
        > God sent the book and he said that we shall apply his law and none else.
        >God created us with deficiencies and purposefully so.- only allah is perfect-
        > any law can be abused as human being is deceitful at will .
        > current laws are also abused. so ur fears of misuse and abuse are not met which renders your whole article useless..
        > if one law is to be chosen over another it has to be because of its content and it is solubility with the people it is applied on. nothing fits anywhere better than islam.
        >islam teaches decency and modesty, if that is the purpose of any society, than islam should be what they chose..
        ofcourse a woman has to cover her hair, if we are to apply true islam, jeans and all sticky clothing is not allowed. if that is ur fear, than ur reason has to be adjusted to – i don’t want islamic law because u don’t want to lose ur west-bestowed freedom .

        • sfqomhz
          April 25, 2014

          Clearly, I have no problem with Hudud. I don’t want Islamic law because I don’t want to lose my west-bestowed freedom? I like how you are jumping fences on this. I don’t want another person wrongly stoned to death for a crime they did not commit. Stoning cases are not that hard to find. Try read up on it. We cannot even set ourselves straight with the current law, what else adding a religious law to the mix? Let me refer you to one of the comments below regarding the Halimah case. How can you trust authorities with Hudud law when you can’t even trust Shariah law with justice? Islam teaches decency and modesty, but that is not what people possess.

          I believe in Islam, I don’t believe in people. That isn’t too hard to understand.

          • Haszri
            April 26, 2014

            sfqomhz, I strongly agree with your points of views… God might be the law maker for the Hudud, but those laws were written and implemented by we, human ourselves… Human is selfish and coward sometimes (not all the time)… Many people misused the name of Allah to do bad things to influence people with wrong thoughts…

            No points to argue actually, everyone has different perceptions, and Ustaz didnt really explain why hudud must be implemented… Perhaps they do not know the reason also?Who knows?

            We are educated and we must THINK, not just follow what others said… The person who said might have wrong perception on this…

            I know there are people said I am BERDOSA because of questioning the HUDUD laws that set by Allah… Maybe I will go to Hell because of this, but everything comes with reasons… And if getting punishment without knowing what is happenning is unfair…

            • T.Azmi
              April 28, 2014

              sorry to interrupt, yes we are educated, but not well educated about islam and even hudud. Even most of us here dont understand hudud including me, then we should learn more about Hudud rather then questioning should or should not implementing it.

          • ipandaboy
            April 26, 2014

            Please forgive me to interrupt. Of course you don’t have to trust in people, you just need to trust in Allah and if you really do trust in Islam, have trust in Hudud.. Islam is a religion of peace and love, it’s simple. Hudud is simple, believe in Islam. 100 lashes for those who have sex before marriage sounds scary, right? But check this out

            My dear sister, I hope you don’t find my writings to be harsh, I only mean it to remind you not to question what’s written in the Al-Quran. Everyone can question what’s on wordpress and that’s fine, but I don’t dare to question the Kalamullah so I hope you don’t trigger provocative questions like this again before knowing the real answers, learn about it from those Islamic scholars who live by sunnah and Al-Quran. Learn before you preach, or else it’ll be what the locals call it “ajaran sesat”. Refer back to your lecturer about hudud, find out what’s more, learn and learn more until you truly understand it and you’ll realise that you’ll be then agreeing to it. I’m not here to teach you, just to give a gentle reminder.

            Assalamualaikum 🙂

            • acele
              May 13, 2014

              well said 🙂 cant agree more.

          • izuan
            May 7, 2014

            Thankful you still believe in Islam.. I see you’ve pointed out very good views.. Very critical thinking.. Perhaps, instead of just mentioning why HUDUD is not suitable to be implemented in Malaysia, maybe you can share your views on how HUDUD can be implemented.. And you said, you don’t believe in people as they can misuse HUDUD.. Maybe you can share with us on how you think we can believe in people..

        • Zach Dekee Ho
          April 26, 2014

          My name is Zach. My full name is visible 🙂 I am one of the Director of WIBWS. We just interviewed Dr. Shirin Ebadi. The first Muslim Women Noble Peace Laureate. From her, we all now know that … it is evidently clear and Hudud is not an Islamic Law. It is a law that pro only the Muslim Male, and Patriarchy judicial law. It is only in movie? Get out more… travel the world… open your eyes… drop your ego. If you can, bless you. If you can’t… expected too.

        • OneEyedSnake
          April 26, 2014

          @Mr Ali,
          “> any law can be abused as human being is deceitful at will .”

          – And yet you readily agree to implement God’s laws and hand those laws to would be wolves??? Why not find a solution to prevent Hudud laws from being manipulated first before implementation? As the writer says, its not that she’s against Hudud but she does not trust the people empowered with it to be truly infallible and incorruptible persons.

          “>islam teaches decency and modesty, if that is the purpose of any society, than islam should be what they chose..”

          – Yes, it does but Islam is getting a bad rap due to Western propaganda. Saudi Arabia’s cases of mucking up on meting out Hudud punishments further alienates Islam and paints it in a more negative light… These are the issues that Muslims must address first…What is the use of implementing God’s laws when people can manipulate it?

        • Anonymous
          April 26, 2014

          Salamun alaikum.

          If I read the Quran, and if you read the Quran too, then please show me where in the holy Quran does it say, “stone the fornicators”?

          The An nur 1-2 is so very crystal clear that adulterers get 100 lashes and God prescribed it to be implemented.
          I cant see stoning anywhere in that verse

        • Human
          May 5, 2014

          1. You need to get your facts right. ^ Please take your time for some research. You have access to the internet, you can find lot’s of pictures, videos, and texts.
          2. You wanted to prove the author wrong in a few bullet points. I have nothing against Islam, but I’ll have to say that most of your argument are invalid; as you said “proof”, therefore it is close to scientific statement, in which there must be evidence to support it.

          > God sent the book and he said that we shall apply his law and none else.
          } No one has seen God on earth, as it is also blasphemous to portray images of God or the Prophet, no one can prove that God sent the book. We cannot prove that the Prophet or anyone else who wrote the book as well; therefore only God knows.
          } Yes, we shall apply his law. But from what I see in the middle east, women and children are being discriminated by this law. Often we will see rape victims getting prosecuted itself. However, I would have to salute Malaysia, in a point that it has done well in terms of providing justice and equality between men and women. Prosecuting a thief also has to be audited. Thief’s are often from the poor community. You want to chop hands, snatch thief’s would be an ideal choice, not a homeless person who can’t barely get hands on food.

          >God created us with deficiencies and purposefully so.- only allah is perfect-
          } I have no arguments in this.

          > any law can be abused as human being is deceitful at will.
          } True. Even if hudud were to be implemented, I believe human rights need to be taken into consideration as well. If laws can be constantly abused, why not improve it for a better future and life of everyone?

          > if one law is to be chosen over another it has to be because of its content and it is solubility with the people it is applied on. nothing fits anywhere better than islam.
          } Kindly refer to my answer in the point above.

          >islam teaches decency and modesty, if that is the purpose of any society, than islam should be what they chose..
          ofcourse a woman has to cover her hair, if we are to apply true islam, jeans and all sticky clothing is not allowed. if that is ur fear, than ur reason has to be adjusted to – i don’t want islamic law because u don’t want to lose ur west-bestowed freedom .
          } Not revealing aurat has it’s benefits. This is not my fear, however in this point, my fear is to men, not to women. Rape still happen when women cover their aurat. Look at the rape statistics in Arab. Rape happens even when women wear burqa’s. Rape happens in Malaysia too, even with women covering their aurat, they still become the victim. It is the mentality of men that causes the rape. Who are the beasts then? Men. Often I see people revealing their cleavages, legs, and so on; but I don’t see most men near to them kidnap and rape them either. We should stop the double standard; as in, if there are no 4 male Muslim witnesses to a rape, the victim will be condemned. Think, if you are a rapist, would you be so kind of doing it where you can be caught easily? Rape can occur in a locked home, or office, or anywhere else with kidnapping, therefore how often can you find a rape case; which you can find 4 Muslim man too? How many women’s are jailed or stoned just because they are a rape victim? How many of them are executed just because of trying to defend themselves from getting raped? Please STOP THE DISCRIMINATION AGAINST WOMEN. MEN ARE NOT ABOVE WOMEN.

      • TamilR
        April 29, 2014

        to the writer of the article: These people’s minds are already fully stuffed with Hudud…just ignore the end they are not gonna accept your thought also. You have stated your views on this law clearly with great supporting details. These people should know how to accept others’ point of few rather than bashing them.

        • TamilR
          April 29, 2014


      • hello
        May 2, 2014

        are you really a muslim? cause you aint god to speak like so. are questioning Allah’s law? let me remind you once again, you’re just a creation honey…. okay, maybe talking about hudud is just too heavy to discuss. lets start with the easiest thing that Allah asks, covering your aurah. Are there any “wise”, “genius” reasons that you can come up with? so tell me why wearing hijab is so hard for you. man, I know that you had do some research or whatever before you come up with this article, but you have to know, ALLAH OWNS AN ABSOLUTE PERFECT KNOWLEDGE, YOU MAY NOT KNOW WHAT’S THE HIKM BEHIND HUDUD, all you see is negative sides of hudud….well that’s your problem sister.

        • sfqomhz
          May 2, 2014

          Did I question the law or the implementation? Also, you read one article, not my whole blog. I don’t claim to know more than my Creator, in fact, He knows me more than I know myself. But here you are talking like you know me better than He does. My problem may be mine, and my concerns are genuine. If you can’t accept an opinion… Well, that’s your problem as well 😉

          • hello
            May 3, 2014

            I really appreciate your kind response. well im sorry if I were harsh just now. yep, its your opinion I respect that. well, now its the matter of agreeing or disagreeing then. I disagree that hudud shouldnt be implement in Malaysia. I mean if we are true muslims, if we say we only believe Allah in this world, why cant we believe what Allah has promised in the Quran. no matter what will happen, some geniuses or intellectual being’s opinion might say, ‘there will be destruction so forth…..and the list continues, it doesnt matter because Allah has promised that if we obey his teachings, there will be peace. I hope you can do some research on Allah’s promises regarding hudud. May you find something useful in it. and thank you for your professional response. I admit that my first comment was too emotional. I’m deeply sorry. may you find hidayah. xoxo

        • anon
          May 4, 2014

          I love muslims who ask other muslims “are you really muslim?” They are a special breed who will ask this question like a knee jerk reaction everytime someone has a different opinion.

          • Anonymous
            May 5, 2014

            And there’s also a special breed who says they love certain people when don’t really mean it. Sarcasm jerk it is. No I don’t mean my words. It’s just my style of writing.

          • Anonymous
            May 11, 2014

            I couldn’t help agreeing. No one is perfect. Judging other people isn’t pleasant. Especially when you judge your own kind, without proper understanding of the individual.

      • ammarafandi
        June 11, 2014

        Im sorry to interrupt..sorry for my bad grammar. Do you really understand about Hudud actually? About the movie, stoning of emma if im.not mistaken, the husband paid 3 others to act and make the wife had to face stoning, right? Ok, first of all. In order to be a witness for the crime, the witnesses have to be a VERY good person. He can never leave prayers so that whatever came out from his mouth can be heared in the court.. So, the movie actually doesn’t really showed us the real implementation of hudud. About the misuse of the law, you should know that there are lots if things need to be taken care before you can be the judge. Its not just the same with the judge for our law now.. Thanks for giving me chance to complement on your article. Your article is good, however, its kind of bias i think. Thats my opinion.. Again, sorry for bad grammar

    • Dash Raj
      April 27, 2014

      Believe ? Believe in what exactly ?

    • Anon
      June 11, 2014

      Best argument so far.

  6. neard
    April 25, 2014

    Im just trying to understand your point here. Just a question, in what condition then would you suggest we implement hudud? When the community exist today is similar to the one exist during prophet muhammad time?

    Basically you agree that hudud is a good thing. We all are. Rather than giving a false assumption about hudud in malaysia, why not we make an open discussion. Ask the authority about the issue youre arising here and let them answer it.

    Those who are trying to implement hudud now is not just some old folks villagers. There are growing professionals involved. What we are doing now is to give more understanding about hudud and make it clearer so that it will not be manipulated. There is a big argument between us whether we should wait until justice is established in malaysia first or just go with it now.

    Lets not make people afraid of hudud, but ask questions on the righr person. Some ustaz might not know how to answer your questions, so give the appropriate question to the right authority. Its like asking about health issue to your friends in facebook,they can google it somewhere, but it is better if you go see a good doctor to answer your question.

    • sfqomhz
      April 25, 2014

      In my honest opinion? There will never be a suitable condition to implement Hudud. But thank you for your suggestion. Perhaps I might ask someone authorized regarding this issue.

      • a2165443
        April 26, 2014

        Maybe you should consider changing your religion then since you don’t think its laws should ever be applied anymore.

        You’re doing something like claiming a product is so good but at the same time claiming it’s not suitable for normal humans in real life and that other products should be used instead. Don’t you think that is strange?

        By the way you may be breaking the laws in your country of residence:

        • Anonymous
          April 28, 2014

          Don’t use law to oppress the freedom of speech

        • Anonymous
          April 28, 2014

          Wow, that’s mature. Can’t win an argument? Scare a person into submission by threatening them with the law.

        • anon
          May 4, 2014

          Maybe you should change your species coz clearly you fail at being human and using your God given mind.

      • Shaiful
        April 27, 2014

        Asslmkm, bagi pendapat saya, klau kita ikut sejarah semasa hudud mula2 dilaksanakan di Madinah, orng2 yang menguruskan Hudud ini bukan orng biasa. bukan polis biasa, bukan hakim biasa, bukan raja, yg mengurus hudud ini adalah mereka yg blh digelar sebagai orng yang berminda tinggi. Cukup syarat bukan sahaja dalam bidang ilmu akademik tetapi dalam Islam. Akhlak yang cukup, solat 5 waktu, tutup aurat, pandai baca Al Quran dan sbginya. Jadi orang2 yang berminda tinggi ini memang akan dicari sebelum dilaksanakan hudud. Mungkin yang saudari dengar di negara2 lain itu adalah disebabkan kurangnya orng berminda tinggi dan terus2 sahaja mereka laksanakan hudud tanpa persediaan yang rapi. Lagi satu dalam Islam wahai saudari, kita tidak mengamalkan konsep double standard, maksudnya ambil sebahagian pengajaran sebahagian lagi kita tidak diterima. Dalam Islam tidak boleh mcm tu wahai saudari. Sebelum kita laksanakan hudud kita kena latih dulu orang2 yang berminda tinggi ini dan baru lah kita blh laksanakan hudud. Itu la apa yg dibuat olh Nabi Muhammad SAW. Moga pendapat ini dapat membuat kita sama2 berfikir. Dan harap saudari blh terangkan kepada kawan2 yg lain supaya mereka memahami apa itu hudud. Terima Kasih. Asslmlkm.

    • dalilah
      April 26, 2014

      In my opinion, we should implement hudud law when our iman are strong, so strong that we are scared to misused our authority and power, so strong that we are scared to slander other people. Before we insist on changing into hudud law totally, lets start things slow. Lets start with our own fardu ain and fardu kifayah such as solat, covering aurat, study and so much more. When we honest to ourselves, we will do the same to others. Before we try to change the world, lets start by changing ourselves.

      • hafidz
        May 9, 2014

        thumbs up! Allah rule of laws only revealed after all companions have strong imaan. Companions of prophet (PBUH) used to say “we learn imaan before we learned Al-Quran”. That’s why Allah (SWT) rulings came down with verse “yaa ayyuhallazi na amanu…o people of believer”.

        I have to disagree with the writer of this article on the very basis of creating negative bad perception on what Allah had ordered upon us. The same prescription was revealed in either Torah or Injil. When Allah ordered us to pray 5 times daily, what right do we have to say, it is not suitable nowadays or it is outdated. We have to accommodate it with good conscience. We have to strive towards the implementation starting with ourselves. Otherwise we will come up with thousands of excuses. The excuses are because me and you! IMHO

  7. Anonymous
    April 25, 2014

    I agree with you totally.

  8. Greg
    April 25, 2014

    Very enlightening article.

    It appears that most people (generally males) who appear to support such “deviant and ancient man-made chauvinistic laws” DO NOT follow God’s Words in their faith. They tend to take what will work in their favor and make it a law to suppress others for their own selfish aims.

    One important question I put forward to such people is “will you still support such laws” IF the gender factor is reverse or opposite to what it is today”.

  9. john
    April 25, 2014

    Hudud always suitable for any condition at anytime. At regarding the fulfilling 4 witnesses, all 4 of them need to fulfill certain criteria . You cannot take random people at the scene to become witness. What shown is not the practice of hudud.
    What comes from Allah is always correct and never wrong and all humans must obey them without questioning Him. We are His servants. That is a must. We are just foolish to deny what comes from Him.

    • sfqomhz
      April 25, 2014

      What shown is definitely not a practice of Hudud, but the manipulation the law will be subjected to if handled by petty human beings like ourselves. Soraya Manutchehri is just ONE of the many women stoned wrongly. I hope you read the article carefully, and understood my points.

    • yyn
      April 25, 2014

      Sometimes its kinda of funny to expect people who witness the entire process of raping but did not make any effort to stop such wrong doing to stand up and defends for the victim.

  10. Just a human
    April 25, 2014

    Hi guys, do you still remember the incident of Canny Ong case? Raped, murdered and burned the body back in several days ago. It was so cruel and inhuman. Imagine the victim was your sister or younger sister. This incident involves non-muslim and muslim. If we follow the Perlembagaan Undang without any discrimination (race, gender etc) and politics, I think the law is still applicable. Based on evidence (via forensic on DNA), the guy was found guilty and was sentenced to death. If hudud is applied in this country, I am not sure if that guy will be charged for this crime. If you guys refer to this:

    The guy might escape from the punish. It is really a big question if hudud is apply in this country.

  11. AwangNaجmiツ™
    April 25, 2014

    I tought this is about Hudud,but its not!Not even close.

    This article’s main point is:The writer has trust issue.

    And she’s literally saying that we shouldnt have any law,because people will always manipulate it.

    • sfqomhz
      April 25, 2014

      No, I am saying Hudud will be subject to worse manipulation than the law we have now because of its religious backing. Please read carefully.

      • Anonymous
        April 25, 2014

        dear writer. i hope u learn what is hudud. i know its just your idea, but bare in mind, Allah is Maha Adil. In Islam, we believe in “Kifarah”.

        • dalilah
          April 26, 2014

          Its easy to leave it to kifarah when bad things does not happen to ourselves yet. Imagine your laptop and phone are stolen, can you still forgive the thief even if he/she manage to escape with your belonging? All of your contact and hardwork are thrown away just like that. What she meant was, hudud law are not suitable to be implemented for now, not forever…

        • Jonathan
          April 26, 2014

          Allah also tell us to think. Come on man, this isn’t that hard to understand.

          Imagine your mom called you to come home and you live far away. Now your car is somewhat broken. It’s drivable but you know it’s 50/50 that you might make it. Would you just drive home, ignoring the problem with your car? or would you call your mom back and tell her you need to fix your car first, then you can drive home.

          The car is the system we are living in.
          The journey is the implementation of hudud.

          Now the logical thing is we should fix the system first, and when everything is fine, when everything can be trusted to handle your life and death, then you can implement hudud.

        • madseason
          April 26, 2014

          The problem is no one understand hudud thats y we hv different interpretation of it btw different school of thought. No school hv the exclusive rite on islam. By the way in islam we believe in justice and thats the objective in syaria law. Islam is much bigger islam hudud

    • Dash Raj
      April 27, 2014

      This article is about Hudud if you opened your mind up to it .

  12. JK
    April 25, 2014

    I just wish more Muslim people would open their minds and share your view on this. I always tell people that I am certain that Islam is a great Religion which teaches great things, only to be spoilt by humans manipulating things to achieve their own agendas. They are also creating a lot of dislike and contempt towards the religion through their aggressive and closed minded acts in the process

    • Being open minded
      April 25, 2014

      Islam is a beautiful religion,however some corrupt Muslims (terrorist) have blacken it for their own agenda. There should be a law that condemns these type of Muslims for harming the beautiful name of Islam.

      • Jonathan
        April 26, 2014

        There is, but they’re ignoring it.

    • Lauee
      April 27, 2014

      Very well said. If you look around, these laws are manipulated so that they place one gender of society at an advantage and the other in a vulnerable position.

  13. Anonymous
    April 25, 2014

    May Allah Guide Us All To Truth and Keep Us On The Straight Path..Insya Allah

  14. Nadira Ilana
    April 25, 2014

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  15. maxcobmara (@maxcobmara)
    April 25, 2014

    When Jakim & Syariah courts can track down every dead-beat dad who isn’t paying child support then maybe I’ll have a little faith, if they can take the BILLIONS in zakat and use it purposefully to help the poor, orphaned and destitute, upgrade their living standards, while the clear misuse of Zakat funds for personal use by the minister in charge goes unpunished… Hudud is just another tool of control of the religiofascist regime, and now because it’s “God’s Law” questioning it heresy? I’d rather rot in hell.

  16. Manu Ram
    April 25, 2014

    I agree 100%.And this is not a Islam/Trust issue anymore,it’s a national issue.Are you saying we force Christians,Buddhists,and athiests,such as me,to follow this law?I don’t have a thing against religions,but I am extremely against these barbaric people who want to plunge the world back into midieval times.The world has changed so much since the Prophet’s time and implementing hudud is just not right anymore.Every single country that follows hudud to the letter is a sorry excuse of a deluded country.Saudi Arabia is a prime example.I am sickened by these people who would want to implement hudud.

    • rilekla
      June 11, 2014

      Hudud in Malaysia is just for muslims. apa you kalut-kalut macha?

      • thinker nicely
        January 26, 2015

        it will make problem to non muslim …u understand

  17. You seriously had some trust issues in Islam.Just making my point, isn’t it better if we implement Hudud rather than implementing a human law which of course both law can be manipulated by human. But let me ask you this, don’t you believe that God is real and God will always protect those innocent people?

    Hudud is a law which comes from God himself.And of course what comes from God is something useful for human. Example, Al-Quran is a book about the teachings of Islam.Don’t you found it weird that no one is able to replicate Al-Quran?why? because God is there to protect it.

    Not everything can be think logically.Just trust Allah swt and you may find the answer. Hope it may help you ^_^

    • sfqomhz
      April 25, 2014

      Thank you, I appreciate your insight, but I do not have trust issues with Islam. I have trouble trusting our authorities, not my faith.

      • zuhdi
        April 26, 2014

        The problem is, you only think about the dunia. As a muslim, we must think more about akhirat. If the innocence person died due to the hudud law. You think that Allah will let him rot in hell and will not compensate that? Sure the accuser will get away. But he will face hellfire which is beyond imaginable punishment compare to stoning to death. There is no country in the world that has a 100% justice. Dont be biased to only the muslim world. In fact, in our daily life also we find injustice towards ourselves and others. But remember, all the injustice will be recorded by malaikat atid and will surely be punish in the day of judgement where Allah is the judge and the witness is the sinners own body like it was mention in the quran. Who are we to judge what Allah has order us to do. Our purpose of life is to obey Allah and his messenger only. Allah knows best.

        • Anonymous
          May 1, 2014

          Omg your mind is really screwed up

        • Anonymous
          May 4, 2014

          Zuhdi I find ur arguement is rather ridiculous. R u saying lets d world be unfair n God has it ways to deal with them. Be happy with whatever n God will reward u in heaven. I find some minds is rather sick n thats why things happen d way it is now. Who in d right mind would kill themselves n d innocents to be in heaven n for cause they dont even understand.

    • Anonymous
      April 26, 2014

      Your Quran is not the original. About 100 years after it was written, all versions of Quran different from the one wanted by a certain person were burnt.

      • Anonymous
        April 27, 2014

        Please educate yourself. Our Quran has never and can never be edited or changed. It is the same Quran we have now from which was handed down to our Prophet.

    • Ruzain
      April 27, 2014

      Yeah. Islam is perfect. But muslims not perfect at all. The writer already mention arab countries who practice hudud law. But how come many kafir (as we call it) countries are still safer for women and children then those arab countries. Got to Egypt, corruption so rampant even in the airport terminal. Give one country who have implement hudud and successfully have positive result than we can talk about implementing it in Malaysia.

      • Anonymous
        May 4, 2014

        A good one Ruzain. Follow d good n discard d bad. Dont follow blindly.

    • Signor Ali
      May 2, 2014

      think logically…every book written by man also have flaw..there is no such thing as utopia

  18. Being open minded
    April 25, 2014

    Bringing Hudud into South East Asia will cause mayham among the different cultures THEN when powerful nations like China or Russia will just march into South East Asia and make it their own.Having rich resources is actually a curse as powerful nations want to own it. Listen to the people,stay united it’s wise the govt does not force this onto its citizens. Violent laws will create more violence. Keep the peace……No changes please.

  19. k0ks3nw4i
    April 25, 2014

    To my fellow Malaysians:

    And it is not just corruptible officials that we need to worry about. The people who run the Syariah Courts are incompetent zealots. Take for example the case of Halimah, an Indonesian migrant worker who was arrested for khalwat and was made to confess under duress. The fact that she is actually CATHOLIC have escaped the notice of the jackasses from JAIPP, the lower Syariah Court and EVEN the Syariah High Court! And she is still fighting her verdict and sentence and have not returned to Indonesia in the past 2 years to see her children and husband!

    You Muslims want these prized morons to JUDGE and INFLICT harsh, irreversible punishments on Malaysians? Are you so confident that YOU won’t be hauled in front of a Syariah Court and wrongly sentenced for theft or adultery? And be stoned to death or have a limb hacked off?

  20. OneEyedSnake
    April 25, 2014

    You took the words outta my mouth… I’ve been getting crapped on and called munafiqun for feeling the same way you do…

  21. Anonymous
    April 25, 2014

    Malaysia should tackle issues like corruption and poverty first before trying to implement hudud.

    • Somthrong Nilphrapan
      April 27, 2014

      good article ….

      i am happy to know that more and more clear minded malay society will not just follow BLINDLY about the Islamic teaching

      kudo to the writer ….

  22. rasyid
    April 25, 2014

    Hi there,

    Like the way u express urself in this post. Being honest and speak out what u are feeling is refreshing.

    Allow me to also share my views in this. Hudud is a law and that law comes from the quran ( which we as all muslims must accept as part of god’s rule to be implemented on earth)

    However you are right in saying the the issue in implementing lies in the people that upholds the law.

    However, u look at the video and based all judgement of hudud from there. During the time of islam during prophets time right up to the caliphs ( estimated to be around 600 years if i am correct) islamic rule was enforced and during those times, only two cases of hand cutting was reported.

    Hudud is not only about stoning or about cutting hands or about having 3 witnesses to a crime. there is also constant education involved. Hudud is a law(undang undang) and not as a “hukuman”/punishment.

    Islam flourish because we obey god’s law and hudud is a part of god’s law. 51:56. I could go on with this but i just wanted to share that theres more to hudud that what he may have seen.look further back to how prophets / caliphs implement it.

    My conclusion to this is, the current man created law doesnt help the crime situation any better as more and more criminal can now manipulate the law because it is created by humans. 2:2-3.

    Yes most humans cant be trusted to carry out gods law to the best of their abilities but it is our duty as creatures of god to do so nonetheless. If we all work together we are all able to carry out gods law with little confusion and skeptism 42:13 but yes it will take time but we all should start working together to apply all god’s
    law and not find ways to stop implementing it. Hudud is an undang undang and not hukuman. There is a difference, and education is also a law in islam.

    take care

    • sfqomhz
      April 25, 2014

      You see, that’s the thing. Even during the Prophet’s time, the punishments of Hudud law were rarely carried out because of its strict witness policy. In this current day, people will lie to get their way. We can always educate ourselves regarding Hudud, but the problem comes when our authorities implement THEIR version of Hudud. This has nothing to do with what is wrong with the law anymore, but it has everything to do with the corruption in our system. However, thank you. I appreciate your comment.

    • Dash Raj
      April 27, 2014

      Hudud law , needs four witnesses to prove a woman is raped . Not DNA tests , four people watch her get raped . Think .

      • roslind
        June 30, 2014

        Where did you get such nonsense? 4 witnesses to prove that a person comitted adultery, not watch someone gets raped. Pft. This is a bigger problem. People simply write whatever they think is right without really looking into the matter. And then you ask people to think. Funny.

        • sfqomhz
          July 1, 2014

          It is written in the PAS Hudud Bill. And you wonder why I am against it’s implementation.

          • roslind
            July 2, 2014

            Then its not hudud law, like how the lady stated. Its pas’s hudud bill.

  23. Too Noob
    April 25, 2014

    I am just wondering if god love you so much,why would most of the islamic country that use hudud law are in corruption?why does the country that implement hudud law,women does that are say to have equal dignity and stuff have to hijab ,cannot come out to work and not frequently employ or have the highest raping case although ur hijab law is apply?hudud is wrongly interpret and you all keep believe but not asking why.i can only see the misuse of hudud law.hudud will only be more and more misinterpret and coz more islamic extremist in the country furthermore create another taliban of malaysia that maybe catching head of dap and tell the world we are going to behead him coz he disagree with the mighty’s god law,plz la,stop it!Times flies,last time when ur prophet is still alive,they dun have something call gun but now we have,we can use the gun but not a knife,the worst video i have ever seen is shouting the mighty doa and chopping of the head,it is not a stone age anymore,hang or gun shot into head is a better way to die than chopping off the head and i forget to tell u i am a buddhist,we love everything and we forgive everything,if u all hell yeah dun wanna to get in the hell,i will be the first one the volunteer and fill up the place for ur hell position,so plz,when i am still alive,let me have a peaceful live without chopping ppl head thingy still happen especially it happen in my country,plz ,i AM NOT A COWARD THAT SCARE TO FILL UP UR HELL POSITION .Just because u didn implement ur law and u get kick into ur god’s hell and i have done tons of great and good thing like saving ppl lives and i deserve the damn heaven,I WILL FKING EXCHANGE MY PLACE WITH U

  24. Anonymous
    April 25, 2014

    “Let he who had no sin cast the first stone.” Jesus Christ

    “An eye for an eye, will only make the whole world blind.” Mahatma Gandhi

  25. JJ_
    April 25, 2014

    I like your article and agree with you. God is perfect but humans are not and they are prone to lying to get their way. We are already facing issues with the parallel legal system. Halimah, though wrongly charged and convicted cannot have that conviction squashed, apparently, because there is no such provision in the Syariah laws. Did the people who drafted the law think that the prosecutors can make no mistake? Imagine what if we have a punishment that is absolute. A wrongly convicted person cannot have the punishment reversed because it is absolute. You do not spend time in jail but you have already lost your limb. Thus, many countries are doing away with capital punishments and the US jury system requires unanimous decision for conviction.
    I thank you for speaking up. You are not alone.

  26. ty
    April 25, 2014

    Good write up. Actually all laws is good but the biggest problem is the people’s who implement it!

  27. LF
    April 25, 2014

    Nice point of view , for those who bash her about Hudud and civil law , i guess Hudud is written by Messenger of God ( or so … ) while civil law is decided by human , us … get it ?

    I believe this is just a clash of belief , but if i do pick a side , i would stick with her for the love of God’s instead of instigating fear

  28. natt
    April 26, 2014

    Please, before you do a write up on anything at all, especially something sensitive and religiously related, please do a THOROUGH RESEARCH on the subject. Not just use Google, or a second or third eye view as references. Understand it, ALL of it, not just parts or bits and pieces of it. Please, and thank you.

  29. Lim
    April 26, 2014

    Hear o Israel The Lord your lord is one God. Thou shalt love The Lord thy God with all you soul and all thy heart and all thy mind.
    The second is like the first. Thou shalt love thy neighbor as thyself.
    On these two laws all the laws and the prophets depend.

    Jesus, a Muslim prophet.

    If Hudud can fulfill the two above, I think it should be implemented.
    otherwise perhaps it has been superseded quite a long time ago.
    If you love God and your neighbor. You will have Gods law written in your hearts and not have to rely on brutal and extreme forms of punishment.
    Make sense?
    Btw good article. Thank you.

  30. Anonymous
    April 26, 2014

    Thank you so much in helping me to understand a bit more about what is hudud law!

  31. Anonymous
    April 26, 2014

    quite rational. i am not a muslim.
    My stand of view for hudud is from history and from the legal systems.
    Frankly, if hudud is a islamic law a God’s law it should not apply to non Muslim and the non believers of Islam as not many share the same beliefs.

    Furthermore, the word “our enemy” lucky you have got a right thought how scary and extreme would be . It is like if you Dont friend me you are my enemy.
    This is how the world get scarier i suppose 。

    I am not sure if they got it right. But i guess Gods had want us to love each other and share love than being an enemy.
    Got numbers of Muslim friends but they are not as such extreme.

    From point of legality it will be said as a rigid law and may not apply to new society.
    What leads to crime increase today is the morality value in society and not the type of punishments.

  32. anon
    April 27, 2014

    Would like to raise few questions:

    1. Is Hudud a god’s law or Arabic’s law?
    2. Who constitute it? Is it purely from Allah or or merely an interpretation of some Arabic’s scholars.

    The problem about Hudud is, like u said, public are not given a room to debate or rather to discuss about this openly. When the word islam, Allah or Quran in it, it is so taboo to be discussed.

    If we were to continue with this practice, it will remain as it is forever. Would it it be fair if only those within Islamic background can talk about this? Where it is a sin for those without Islamic background to join the discussion.

    Malaysia is just not ready for it. Not because of the law but because of the people. We’re not mature enough to embrace it.

  33. Anonymous
    April 27, 2014

    apa benar yang anda tulis ini dari sumber yang betul. apa benar anda telah kaji sehabis2 dalam pasal HUDUD. HUDUD itu luas. i do think that you should study more about this before jump into conclusion. apa yang anda cakap mungkin benar dan pada waktu pemerintahan Khalifah Umar Abd Aziz, HUDUD xdilaksana atas beberapa sebab kalau xsilap saya. tapi, mempersoalkan hukum Allah swt tu agak harsh. to non-muslims, i bet you still didn’t know about the truth of HUDUD. you just simply make up your own decision about HUDUD based on the muslims you’ve met. i do think you should consider to know about ISLAM, not about the people who are muslims because we muslims sometimes are too corrupted ourselves.

    • miss emily
      June 12, 2014

      apa yg dia tulis tu hanya memandang keduniaan…apa yg paling penting kita laksana kan undang2 Allah tu dulu…

      • sfqomhz
        June 14, 2014

        Looks like not many people know the difference between Allah’s Hudud and PAS Hudud. Thank you for bringing this up, I will post about it soon.

  34. lulu
    April 27, 2014

    so you think our current law is doing a good job in preventing this?

  35. Jaka Jati
    April 27, 2014

    “I trust in Islam. I don’t trust in people”, said u.

    Hudud is from God.. not from people. Its in Quran.Its in Islam. Now, should we trust you and your articles or not.. because u’re definitely one among the people.

    • sfqomhz
      April 27, 2014

      You clearly have misunderstood what I meant. I don’t trust Hudud in the hands of people, especially from the way I have seen Middle East run their legislations. Even the Qur’an has been misused by patriarchal societies. Which brings me back to my point “I trust in Islam, but I don’t trust in people.” Please understand what I mean before jumping to an assumption.

    • sanat
      April 27, 2014

      just look at the Islamic world today.. what do you think prophet would have said looking at how separated Islam is today and how ppl have manipulate and interpreted in various different ways leading to so much of separation even within muslims aroumd the world. try to get back to the core of the teaching which is love ..kindness.. tolerance.. understanding. .. this was the true message of Islam. simple as that.

  36. shuang
    April 27, 2014

    Among all the comments, some of them did voice out tat there r much more to learn from hudud before “jumping into the conclusion”. However, sadly, all the comments just stopped by saying that “there r more to learn..but not from the internet”
    So would someone mind to explain more about hudud, so we can learn more about it?

  37. sanat
    April 27, 2014

    beautiful write up.. you go girl

  38. Anonymous
    April 27, 2014

    learn about ISLAM and you will know what hudud is. period.

    • Anonymous
      April 28, 2014

      It’s rubbish.

  39. Bob
    April 28, 2014

    Civil laws are man-made. Granted, the potential for abuse is there and these laws may not be perfect, but the fact remains that they are based upon the social contract where society by-and-large agrees upon a code of conduct and where certain behaviours that are deemed unsuitable are outlawed.

    As opposed to religious law, civil law does not pretend to draw credence from divine will. It is a man-made law, interpreted and applied by mankind to regulate society and is subject to constant redefinition and evolution.

    On the contrary, religious law is enshrined in religious texts. In essence, it is divine law applied and interpreted by human beings, hence the potential for abuse is infinitely greater here. As I understand it, only your deity(s) has the right to judge you; a right that is sacrosanct and exclusive to your god(s). To pretend that some human beings have that right is incorrect and probably sacrilegious.

  40. nohara
    April 28, 2014

    Salam..adakah gambar profile yg diletakkan tu gambar saudari, jika ya saudari adalah seorang yg xmnutup aurat dan didedah kpada ramai orang..
    Jika benar, disini awal2 lagi dapat dilihat saudari tidak patuh pada perintah agama, dan org yg mndedah aurat akan mcari beribu alasan..
    Jika bukan saudari, haram jua mndedah gmbar yg mndedah aurat..
    Nah disini perkara mudah pn xmahu dilakukan inikan pula nk lksanakan hudud mmang saudari akan bantah..
    Hudud itu hukum Allah, wajib kita umat Islam patuh..tiada siapa boleh ingkar perintah Allah..titik..

    • Signor Ali
      May 2, 2014

      why you want to dictate how others should be? keep it to yourself

      • sfqomhz
        May 2, 2014

        Telling someone to “keep it to yourself” is dictating. You clearly do not know the different between dictation and an opinion.

    • Anna Maria Antonio
      May 5, 2014

      I have been a muslim for nearly forty years now..when we first converted,there is no saying that you must put on a hijab.I donot put on a hijab,i use the same style of clothing that i am comfortable with.Only this twenty years time our muslim sisters seems to be putting on the hijab.Can i not be the same like last time.I found muslim these days are very fanatic and arrogant.Just because we change our religion,do we have to abandon our own roots and tradition and our own identity and become like those Arab wanabe.I am quite happy with our present man made law and i think
      hudud law belongs in the long ago past and who ever want hudud law should go back to that era and leave us be

  41. eddieyusoff
    April 28, 2014

    even with the current judiciary system thwy are able to manipulate and achieve their “own selfish agendas” whatever you’re trying to say.

    lets address your article one by one.

    firstly, the way your ustaz taught it, well that’s his fault. not hudud’s fault. no wonder you are the way you. your ustaz doesn’t seem like a good one.

    number two. the middle eastern muslim countries, as you said in your examples. you are making assumptions. or at least its just a biased opinion from your point of view. clearly thwy understand Islam more than you do. and they submit to it.

    you saying you trust islam but not the people, is like saying, “you know its compulsory to perform solah, but i dont trust myself because i dont know if my heart is 100% pure when i do it. so i’d rather not do it.”. im not even surprised if you dont pray 5 times a day because your words depict your actions. not vice versa. it shows how your brain thinks.

    and your point about there being injustice. do you know what the hudud law has for judges who misjudge? or for corrupted people? and you seemed aware that our country is already injustice and corrupted at this point. what have we got to lose then?

    how do you know the injustices will be greater with the implementation of hudud?

    did you know, in brunei, the moment they announced that the hudud law to be implemented in 6 months, crime rates decline by 70%. This is a statistic. by the bruneian government. not just a mere assumption or an observation from outside.

    you were saying about islam being seen as a religion that oppresses women. “being seen” is not the correct term. the problem lies within yourself. YOU think you’re being oppressed. if you don’t, why aren’t you still covering? oh i know. you trust in islam. but you dont trust in people, you dont trust in yourself.

    the current judiciary system is corrupted. we all know it. thats why we need something to revert back to the condition it’s supposed to be. it has been promised by Allah. oh btw you talked about Allah, injustices and poverty? how dare you relate those three! if you must know, theres a hadith that says, if you know what Allah has in store for faqir and masakin, you would pray for poverty. you need to study islam with a real murobbi. not merely disagreeing with your not-so-knowledgeable ustaz and google some opposing “facts” from the internet. i, like you, didnt know the difference at first. but i went out and looked for a real sheikh. a real murobbi. and learned from them.

    i thought i knew it all. (i know you do). trust me. you dont. learn.

    read the quran and learn from the sheikhs

    • sfqomhz
      April 28, 2014

      1. I never once stated anything about Hudud being at fault.
      2. Everything that you have posted here is only in support of the patriarchy in our religion that so many people are trying to eradicate.
      3. I don’t learn with my ustaz. He was merely the trigger for this writeup.
      4. What I said about the Middle East was based on statistics, I just did not include the charts/maps or articles in here to prevent it from being a too long of a post.
      5. For someone who is bragging about having more knowledge, you sure lack the empathy to actually stoop so low as to make personal attacks on how I profess my faith, which, by all means, is between me and God. I do not worship you, thus making you the least entitled person to comment on my daily worshipping to God.
      6. I am speaking for the thousands of other Muslim women who do feel oppressed. The fact that you are here, questioning me about my faith, and telling me I don’t have the right to speak on this matter just shows it. Thank you for proving the misogyny that is rampant in our Muslim community. It makes my job a whole lot easier.
      7. Everything that I had to say about poverty, I’m even more shocked that for someone with your knowledge, you misinterpreted it completely.

      I don’t claim to know it all. I am writing an honest opinion piece. I am not the one who made assumptions on someone else’s religious rituals or nor am I am not dictating how others should think, unlike this certain person I am responding to. Have a nice day.

  42. roy
    April 28, 2014

    Akak nohara,

    Penulis di atas tidak membangkang hukum hudud, tapi menyangsi perlaksanaannya yang mana mungkin akan terdedah kepada manipulasi kuasa & agenda tersendiri makhluk bernama manusia..sepatutnya pihak yang berwajib perlu mengadakan siri-siri penerangan yang komprehensif kepada seluruh Rakyat malaysia mengenai hudud dan perlaksanaannya agar lebih mengetahui dan faham akan konsep hakikinya kenapa ianya perlu dilaksanakan..

  43. lemmeteachyousomething
    April 28, 2014

    first of all, your hair and make up is a disaster, sister! your hair shouldn’t be curled as such its making your nose look bigger. and your makeup. who ever did that to you needs to be senteced to death like yesterday.

    and that micro mini-skirt along with that tube you’re wearing. it makes you POP! good job. and by pop im talking bout your lovehandles hanging out when your that kinda skimpy outfits.

    you’re probably right. i shouldn’t talk about your hair and makeup and shit. i shouldn’t talk about something i know nothing about. and guess what? neither should you. quit it. return when you have enough knowledge. opposing is okay, but only if you have good valid facts. yours is however disappointing.

    • sfqomhz
      April 28, 2014

      By far the funniest comment I got, because I had no idea I had a micro mini skirt and tube in my wardrobe! Thank you, “lemmeteachyousomething” for this amusing comment 😂

  44. Iman
    April 29, 2014

    Bismillahirahmanirrahim, In the name of Allah the Most Gracious, the Most Merciful

    Assalamualaikum sister,
    I am a fellow Muslim woman living in Malaysia, and although following my Islamic background, I may not fit to be called a Muslim scholar, but I’d like to share my views on this.

    First of all, I think Hudud is quite similar to the case of wearing hijab. We may question why Muslim women wear hijab, and we can give a lot of reasons to it but in the end the main reason is because those Muslim women want to obey Allah. Other reasons are consolations and hikmahs behind Allah’s order. I have the choice to wear or not to wear the hijab, but in the end I wear it not because anyone told me to do so, but Allah has told me to do so.

    It is like hudud. Muslims shall carry out the hudud because it is a sign of obedience to Allah. Like the hijab, some may misuse it in the course of fashion, some under duress, but in the end, it is the heart that counts. If you think that hudud will be misused by men, then maybe we’re putting our trust in the wrong leaders, in the wrong prosecutors. But I believe Malaysia is a civilized country and there are a lot of professionals in this area, so we shouldn’t really be compared to the so-called third world countries you refer to. By following Allah, we will not stoop so low and Alhamdulillah we’ve already achieving duniawi success so why not step in to achieve something more divine? Malaysia is, in fact, an ‘Islamic’ country so shouldn’t we implement Muslim laws?

    Whatever happens, putting your trust in Allah will give you peace of mind. Believe that Allah is the Most Righteous, in fact even in the bismillah we often recite, we’re praising Allah as the Most Merciful, so we shall believe that Allah, is indeed, the Most Merciful. Allah will not let his obedient servants suffer, and even if we suffer in dunia, insyaAllah putting Allah’s right to its place may save us from the suffer in akhirat, which is far more greater compared to the world. Please correct me if I’m wrong, but when someone repent from his sins and undergo hudud, his sins will insyaAllah be forgiven, and he will not have to go through the punishment in akhirat. So by conducting hudud, we are actually saving the offender from suffering for eternity.

    I do recommend you to look up on the form 5 syllabus of Pendidikan Islam, we should have already been taught about hudud, maybe some of us do not understand enough of it to still question the credibility of hudud, because in my opinion, it is like questioning the credibility of Allah.

    The other reason that I think hudud seemed like such a big step is because we have not completely performed the compulsory orders such as following the five pillars of islam and iman, covering our aurats etc I think it’s never too late to execute them all including hudud, because if we don’t start now, are we guaranteed to live another day?

    And reciting a talk I just heard (forgive me for not being able to state the teacher) “We can detect flaws in our hearts when obedience seems adverse and disobedience becomes an indulgence”.

    Love, Iman

  45. Musa Ismail
    April 29, 2014

    You did not see the wood for the trees. The point here is that “once ordained the Hudud must be implemented”. That was the Will of Allah. As a mortal servant of Allah our duty is to earnestly apply the laws to our lives. And that was what was precisely done by the Beloved Prophet Muhammad Pbuh with all his mighty but humble heart. He did not parade his own opinion, made hair-splitting comments or felt uneasy or entertained doubts or asked outrageous questions as to the efficacy of the Hudud laws particularly asking for guarantee that crimes would be wiped out from the face of mother earth.

    The Beloved Prophet Pbuh did not undertake an in-depth study and delayed the application of the Hudud laws. No! He merely said “I hear and I obey”. Let it be known that if Allah wanted the earth to be free from all crimes Allah would have easily willed so without instructing the Beloved Prophet Muhammad Pbuh to apply the Hudud laws. In short it is merely Allah’s will, that’s it. And our duty is merely to say “we listen and we obey”.

    I would like to caution every Muslim out there that making personal comments on the Hudud laws is like treading a perilous slippery path in the darkness of the night. A wrong opinion would lead oneself to the Door of Apostacy without we realising it. We might mislead the ignoramus or rattle rubbish to the many profoundly learned Muslims out there. Nay, do not rely on our presumed vast knowledge, our academic credentials and laurels, our voluminous writings and discourse or the praises from other well-accolade academics. Be wary that Allah had stated in the Holy Quran eloquently “ Allah knows but you do not know”. Yes, how little knowledge we possess and how pretentiously tall we parade ourselves to the world as holding the light of knowledge.

  46. achno
    April 29, 2014

    I can agree with you if u said that this is not a right time to apply hudud in Malaysia but i can’t agree when you are totally not thinking to implement hudud in Malaysia. This may be not the right time to implement hudud in Malaysia but as a Muslim we do believe that Allah give us the best method. For me it is just a matter of time.

    As a muslim, we must always have the intention to make something that please Allah. To be better everyday even if it is so hard, Allah surely see our effort

    I would like to share a hadith with you:

    Abu Sa’eed Al-Khudri reported: The Prophet, peace and blessings be upon him, said, “There was a man among the children of Israel who had killed ninety nine people. Then he set out seeking repentance. He came upon a monk and he asked him if his repentance would be accepted. The monk said no, so the man killed him. He continued asking until another man advised him to go to a certain village. He set out for it but death overtook him on the way. As he died, he turned his chest toward the village. The angel of mercy and the angel of punishment argued about him among themselves. Allah ordered his destination to move closer to him and his old village to move away. Then, Allah ordered the angels to measure the distance between his body and the two villages. He was found to be one span closer to his destination, so he was forgiven.”

    Source: Sahih Bukhari 3283, Sahih Muslim 2766

    From this hadith, the killer want to repent and to do so, when a monk said that his repentance will not be accepted he killed the monk and another person come advised him to move to another village to repent himself. The killer dont even reach the new village and he was forgiven. We may said, what a lucky killer. But wait, who control the death of the killer if not Allah. It show us that we believe in Allah and we try our best to please Allah, Allah will always accept it but don’t stop and conclude that we should not use hudud in Malaysia.

    May Allah choose us to be the person that change the system to please Allah and may Allah bless us all =)

  47. Jas
    April 29, 2014

    Sfqomhz – After reading the comments posted here, I think you’re a really brave woman. You present your points clearly and give reasons for it. Keep it up because if you don’t… I’m afraid to even say the consequence.

    As my point of view – as a Malaysian living in California, from one melting pot to another – the comments posted by what sound like “moderates” scares the Prophets out of me.

    It goes like “Don’t judge Hudud prematurely. Learn more. Discuss more. But its okay to judge you. You must have an open mind, but not me, it is God’s law so no discussion (I should have said its God’s law in all my reasons – shortcut to win). Other Hudud countries they tak canggih, its a conspiracy, we are better more padat and learned. We love you hope you faham “the spirit” of Hudud but its okay if you go to hell too and you don’t know what you’re talking because of micro miniskirt?”

    There are so many things that can be touched on- how about basic human rights to start. The thought that JUSTICE is valued not in the present but in the AFTERLIFE… these are laws that affect everybody whether they subscribe or not… WOW.

    To others who read this, understand that no matter how the marketing for Hudud is,

  48. Jas
    April 29, 2014

    *Repost, improper edit.

    Sfqomhz – After reading the comments posted here, I think you’re a really brave woman. You present your points clearly and give reasons for it. Keep it up because if you don’t… I’m afraid to even say the consequence.

    As my point of view – as a Malaysian living in California, from one melting pot to another – the comments posted by what sound like “moderates” scares the Prophets out of me.

    It goes like “Don’t judge Hudud prematurely. Learn more. Discuss more. But its okay to judge you. You must have an open mind, but not me, it is God’s law so no discussion (I should have said its God’s law in all my reasons – shortcut to win). Other Hudud countries they tak canggih, its a conspiracy, we are better more padat and learned. We love you hope you faham “the spirit” of Hudud but its okay if you go to hell too and you don’t know what you’re talking because of micro miniskirt?”

    There are so many things that can be touched on- how about basic human rights to start. The thought that JUSTICE is valued not in the present but in the AFTERLIFE… these are laws that affect everybody whether they subscribe or not… WOW.

    To others who read this, understand that no matter how the marketing for Hudud is, Non-Muslims would need more than faith. If you care about them at all.

  49. Anonymous
    April 29, 2014
  50. Pet
    April 29, 2014

    Do you know that hanging was being practiced long before Hudud? And Malaysia is still hanging people until today. Why are we able to accept hanging, which has a longer history than Hudud, but not accept Hudud?

    You wrote that there is a danger that Hudud might be abused. Of course there is always that possibility. Even non-Hudud laws can be abused. The death sentence of hanging can be abused as well.

    If four policemen arrest you and tell the court they found drugs in your car or guns in your home, you are going to the gallows! You might argue that the drugs or guns were not yours and that you have never seen them before and that they were planted, but it is your word against the four policemen. So back to the gallows! That is not Hudud. So non-Hudud laws, too, can be abused if they want to abuse them. Why single out Hudud for possible abuse when all laws can be equally abused?

    My dear, Hudud is not about the law, it is about theology. Muslims believe that Hudud is God’s law and what God wants cannot be debated or argued. In other words, in matters of religion, common sense and logic do not apply because religion itself defies logic.

    • Just a human
      April 29, 2014

      since the law cannot be debated or argued, IF the authorities who abuse the power of implement the law, what will happen in malaysia. There are a lots of surprises that can be happen in this Bolehland. Those politicians sometimes use the religion to cover up their excuse as now it happen in this country.

      • Just a human
        April 29, 2014

        I believe every law, including hudud should have the lightest and the heaviest punishment. The heaviest punishment should be death sentence, and people should be educated and not even to get involved to this heaviest punishment. The death punishment should be handle in professional way and faster way, so that it is not cruel and the sinners will not get suffered in long delay.

        From your statement:
        “If four policemen arrest you and tell the court they found drugs in your car or guns in your home, you are going to the gallows! You might argue that the drugs or guns were not yours and that you have never seen them before and that they were planted, but it is your word against the four policemen. ”
        My question:
        IF it is hudud law, then how the judge will make the decision on the person who owns drugs? Free him? What IF he is really a real drug trafficer? Is he going to do it again and harm the society?

  51. han
    April 29, 2014

    Usaha betulkan iman dan amal patut didahulukan, Selepas iman dan amal betul, peringatan bagi mereka yang melakukan atas dasar nafsu dan tamak patut dihukum mengikut hudud. Perlu ingat, bukti bagi perlaksanaan hudud lebih ketat malah sukar dijatuhi hukuman jika dibuat ikut tertibnya

    • hafidz
      May 9, 2014

      Setuju dengan pendapat tuan karkun sorang ni…imaan dan amal diperbetulkan dulu…

  52. leave Us
    April 29, 2014

    I think if hudud is implemented, then leave us the non-muslin out of it…it’s only for Muslim… we don’t want any share of your primitive hypocrisy…we non Muslims only wants to embrace modernity and progress….. when I mean modernity and progress I don’t meant by oil but by human capital and reasoning…hudud is stumbling block for progress… leave the non Muslims out of it…

  53. ahmad
    April 29, 2014


    i think the person name “han” above gave a nice comment about the hudud laws, it should be implemented step by step, maybe at the 1st of the implementation it will be a bit problems to malaysia but still will we need to seek into it and do some improvement. May Allah s.w.t mempermudahkan kelantan government to implement this law and also for more article and understanding about these hudud law, I think this simple article from ustaz zaharuddin, here link ( ) will explain to you nicely about hudud law.


  54. Kei
    April 30, 2014

    Eh…there is so many people criticizing already that I don’t think whatever I says will make huge difference. But let me start first that I disagree with your points and remarks. It took me several years to think about what is the best choice in implementing justice in multi-racial country as Malaysia now. Hudud law is the commandment stated in the Al-Quran and elaborated by the Hadith. And, if you take a look in Al-Quran, the are only few sins that is specifically stated the punishment for it. So, don’t worry if you are showing your ‘aurat’ because even if Al-Quran stated you need to wear hijab, it didn’t state whatever punishment for disobeying it. I can’t remember where I read but it is stated hudud law only apply to about 5% of crimes, even more it apply only to Muslim whose faith is Islam and Allah. I do understand your sentiment that you do not trust people who will handle the law. This is also one of the dilemma of PAS leaders in implementing hudud; to find the right way and not upsetting the balance in this country. However, if nothing is started, there will be nothing that we can learn too. Also one of your point is about the chaos and scenario in Middle East country which is Islamic country. Let me point this- we are majority Islamic country, not true Islamic country. Hence, we want to better ourselves so we can achieve the true Islamic country and repeated the glory of Islamic Era when Europe is in the Dark Age. Come on, you know your history right? How Rennaissance is actually when the Europe took in knowledge from Islam and make it theirs. If you trust your God, you won’t be asking much about doing His bidding. Like, when your family want you to further study, you will do it despite your hate for study. That is because you know they are wishing the best for you. Well, that’s all from me. Nice article that it makes some of us thinking the best solution to this ‘dilemma’. Well, have a nice day and don’t worry much if you are wrong or forgot. Because ‘insan’ is forgetful but with that flaw and mind to think of right or wrong, we are the best of Allah’s creations…

  55. F
    April 30, 2014

    Hi, with respect i cannot agree with your views that hudud should not be implemented based on all the “fears”. I do however agree with Dr Maza’s view that we should first focus on the implementation of social justice for all. Look up for his video on youtube or fb. InsyaAllah, we all will learn something.

  56. xoxoxon
    April 30, 2014

    Dear Ms Othman,

    You write: “…Despite their status as an Islamic country, many states that implement Hudud law are listed some of the most corrupt states in the world. If this is not enough to show you the damage that can be done by implementing the law, I don’t know what will.”

    Your logic fails. Correlation is not causation.

    Just because Islamic states that practice Hudud happen to be corrupt (correlation) does not mean that Islamic states that practice Hudud will cause corruption and ensuing damage (causation).

    Let me clarify:

    1. An Islamic state may practice Hudud.

    2. An Islamic state, despite being “Islamic”, may still be corrupt (because its politicians are).

    3. You say that many Islamic states are corrupt despite their implementation of Hudud law.

    4. Your argument makes no sense because it fails to answer this: How is the corruption related to Hudud? People will still be corrupt (even if civil law or Islamic law tells them to be otherwise). Their corruption is independent of the implementation of Hudud. They may somehow cause damage by using the Hudud law to their advantages, but that does mean that Hudud law caused their corruption? You can always cause similar damage by civil laws, which can be just as harsh.

    • Bob
      May 3, 2014

      Your argument is also fallacious because it assumes equivalence between the magnitude of the punishments that can be meted out under civil and hudud law, which is obviously not the case. Flogging, amputation and capital punishment are irrevocably more extreme punishments, and as such, the potential ramifications brought about by abuse of hudud law are undeniably much greater than those engendered by the abuse of civil laws.

  57. Saya Anak Malaysia
    April 30, 2014

    Another clear example of abuse, exploitation and manipulation of the God’s “perfect thou shalt not question” hudud law to indiscriminately target women and minorities:

    “An Iranian rape victim is set to be hanged unless she agrees to apologize to her attacker’s family for making the claim of sexual assault”.

  58. amir
    May 2, 2014

    Sometimes,we think that our thought and our thinking is great and can pakai at all.sorry u not deserve it.its just ur thought oni. 🙂

    • sfqomhz
      May 2, 2014

      Exactly, it’s only a thought. And I have as much right to express my thought as you do to tell me you don’t agree. All is fair, no? 🙂

      • HARUN
        May 2, 2014

        Freedom, which is an important part of human life and raises the quality of life, is a blessing granted by Allah to human beings.

        Islam is a religion that ensures all kinds of intellectual freedom as well as freedom of worship and expression, that takes all kinds of rights of people under protection and, more importantly, presents real freedom to people.

        Allah wishes ease, comfort, happiness and joy to people. Allah does not wrong people. The religion, which is the commandment of Allah, also shows people the way to the most peaceful, blissful, safest, highest quality, comfortable, and delightful life. There is no compulsion where religion is concerned. A person believes in Allah and lives by religion, by seeing Allah’s existence and oneness by using his/her conscience.

        Religion is an acceptance by the heart. If a person is obliged to live a religious life by force, then this person does not become devout and he/she simply becomes a hypocrite. As we are informed in the Qur’an, a hypocrite is someone who deserves Allah’s torment and whose place is at the bottom of Hell. Furthermore hypocrites not only give harm to themselves, with their insincere and tricky nature, but also they pose a threat for society as a whole.

        Generating such a peril with one’s own hands, bringing hypocrites and a system of hypocrisy into being is something that Muslims would by no means wish. Every Muslim, as a requisite of the morality of the Qur’an, is responsible for showing people the true path, enjoining the good and forbidding the evil. But this never means to oblige others to think, live, act and dress like oneself. A Muslim shows the truth and leaves the choice to the person ownself. This is the commandment Allah informs us in the Qur’an.

        Recommended further readings;



  59. MintBerryCrunch
    May 3, 2014

    God/Allah/Yahweh/Jehovah’s law?

    Bullshit. “Hudud” as it is being promoted by the sunni’s in malaysia is the traditionalist sunni interpretation of what they believe to be God’s law.

    It’s based on oral history written down circa 300 years AFTER muhammad died.

    It’s myth legends lies and bullshit. Just like the bible (remember the inquisition? that’s what happens when christians do what muslims are doing today)

    Sunnis cant follow the Qur’an alone because there is no theological basis for the formation of an organized religion –> which is what Sunnism, and their Islamofascim is all about.

    “In Islam this is right” “In Islam this is wrong”.

    Nobody has the right to claim that. There is no clergy. God guides people. Not people. Faith is not inherited. Guidance is divine.

    They will brand everyone who doesnt agree with their worldview as heretics. God guides whom he wills? No compulsion in religion? Bullshit. Sunni doctrine is so full of sh*t they cant see past their own circlejerks (google that).

    Smug losers are doomed to failure. Every damn sunni country has failed. And they will continue to fail. God hates them with a passion.

    America has more in common with the principles of the Quran than the Sunnis ever will. Those fagets actually try to brainwash their kids into the “right” path based on their fascist worldview. Losers will blame the jews. Blame (in malaysia) the chinese. Blame the great satan america. Excuses. They are failures but have fists so far up their own arse to see that. They will never prosper.

  60. Anonymous
    May 3, 2014

    Rational and compassionate thinking is sadly missing in those who want it implemented. With those who claiming themselves to be true believers that want this implemented. Who TF are you in the first place? True believers? You mean you’re holier than all of us? Get real, you “true believers” are any where near holy – far from it. This is a contest of wannabes showing off for personal pride and gain – in naked truth, all of these are your selfish desires in full view. It was mentioned once and I’ll repeat it again – let those who have not sinned cast the first stone.

  61. Aamir Abdullah
    May 3, 2014

    Assalamualaikum sister,

    Each and every command of Allah SWT was meant to be fulfilled by each one of us. And there is no such excuse when we face Allah SWT on the day of judgement, to tell Him, oh Allah. I didnt fulfill your command because I was afraid that Your command would be misused by some unresponsible leaders/people. Can you imagine this answer sister? Would you answer that later, honestly?

    Hudud is just amongst so many other rulings of Allah Azzawajalla. Amongst others like the Solat, Fasting, Zakaat, Hajj and etc. Lets take Zakaat for example. When we pay Zakaat, those taking the Zakaat money are supposed to manage it properly and divide the money to the needy according to what Islam has thought. But there are cases where Zakaat money was not used properly, used for oen agendas, own needs etc (like what you mentioned for Hudud). But, whatever it is, is that a reason for you not to pay Zakaat? Because you are worried that the money wouldnt be managed properly? Or you wont go to Hajj because the money you pay to go for Hajj might be used by Saudi Arabia for their own agendas? Or you wouldnt wear the Hijab because you want to do it out of sincerity and not to misuse it to disguise that you are a pious person?

    Im very sorry sister. But your point of argument is most probably to my understanding, irrelevant.

    I also condemn and disagree to people who use their scare tactics in preaching Islam. Preaching by inducing fear. Always talking only about the punishments when you do bad. The punishments of Hell fire. That is not how proper preaching should go on

    Islam is the religion of love. By nurturing love to our beloved Prophet SAW and Allah SWT, that is how we could achieve true obidience. If you felt the love, you definitely would want to obey every single command. If you felt the love, you would theb understand the reasons behind each command. If you felt the love, you would never question the implementation of each command eventhough you know that it mighy be misused and manipulated by others. This my sister, is true love.

    Whether or not the leaders or people misuse or manipulate the rulings of Allah SWT, that we leave it to Allah SWT. That is between then and Him. But our responsibility is to fulfill his calling.

    Dont start to worry on how Islam would be potrayed, because Islam would definitely not achieve its full potential, the respect it deserves and the blessings of Allah SWT, if the ruling of Allah SWT is not fulfilled.

    We strive to fulfill the ruling of Allah SWT at our best. Not to start with the worst as the end in mind.

    And yes indeed. Allah SWT knows better than every one of us. If you truly believe in Him and His commands, and take it in with love, then Allah SWT will find you and reach your heart to make you understand. Otherwise, sami’na wa ata’na, tawakkaltu ‘ala-Allah, leave it all to him to decide.

    Wallahu a’alam


  62. vkleaw
    May 3, 2014

    End of the day, its all about the people himself or herself, we are all equal beings in the first place, if one is strong with his heart and controlling desire, being faithful and have dignity, build love and trust, being honest and sincere at all time, compassionate and able to compromise, i dont see a problem of anyone practicing or implementing any religous law, we definitely able to create a medium whereby we all can live as a multiracial community even ever since the past, havent we? no religious or beliefs provoke us human to go against each other in regardless of race and religion, it is always about spreading love towards mankind, we as Malaysians should love each other, at any time, we should sit down and talk about things, come out with solution, human nature as always, trying to put blame on others when matters arise, lets not start pointing fingers at each other, its just like being in a family, we have our ups and down, but end of the day, we are family, no one should be deprived of their rights in anyway or other, spread love, no haters, 😀

  63. aziz
    May 3, 2014

    As salamualaikum,
    Even thought I did not read your article completely since im infected with fever and headache and sorry for my broken english.
    But I want to give some opinion. Maybe what you’re saying is true but we need at least try to make hudud possible. We need to teach people and make them understand about hudud it self. We need to remember “matlamat tidak menghalalkan cara” as the “aurat” itself, some say if I wear hijab my boss will fired me. What will you do, do you still proceed with hijab or quit the job, some will say, oh, there is a time when it call emergency and we can make an excuse not to wear hijab. Yes, that is when we make our mistake. As i say before “matlamat tidak menghalalkan cara” There is no tolerance in ALLAH judgement. This is ALLAH rules and guidance to all of us. It is surely the best way of life that ALLAH has prepared for us. Whether is corrupted or manipulated by others people at least we try to do our job as a khalifa in this world. And for the trust, do you think our law judgement right now is very trusted? It is more dirtier than you think. It more corrupted and more manipulated than you think. Please refer here


  64. Anonymous
    May 4, 2014

    Assalam sis.. maaf la yo kalo den ni silap.. gini haa.. di sisi manusia kita nmpk terainaya, tp nilai di sisi Allah? fikir dalam2 laa~ xtau jgn bt article mempengaruhi org lain dan bt org lain pun keliru, ssh kita nnti.. pi jumpa pakar scara depan2.. bincang, tanya laa.. bkn depa nk mkn sis pun.. haha.. ke sis mmg ad masalah dgn golongan ini? kita ni sis, ada iman dan taqwa, kita terima apa saja perintah dari Allah tanpa mempersoalkanye, sebab apa? semua jawapan ada dalam Al-Quran sis, sis cuba baca yg ada terjemahan, xfhm sis bole tanya pada ahlinya.. ustaz2 yg mmg pakar dlm bab ni.. jumpa depa.. sis tulis article ni pun xterjawab soalan sis, malah sis akn bt org keliru juga… maaf la sis yee.. den ni pun bkn baik bona, tapii den tau tnggungjawab den sbgai umat Islam walaupun den xdapat buat semua.. den pun masih belajar, jd jgn la malu bertanya pd org yg lebih tahu.. okay laa sis,, wassalam~

  65. Vickram
    May 4, 2014

    I have to say, for all the bashers out there, that you are not rationalizing your point clearly. “Pfft, the Creator knows better than you” is such an immature point of view.
    I disagree with the implementation of Hudud as well.
    For all you who are saying that it is the law of God, two questions. First of all, would it make sense to implement it now? I could understand if it was implemented 1,000 years ago, but now, context wise, it does not make sense.
    Second, are the people who are giving out sentences pure and perfect? I suppose the answer is no, so how would they ensure that women are protected? If a woman is raped, and she points out the perpetrator, she needs witnesses? Don’t you realize most rape cases are executed in isolation? So the man who did it, would just walk away free because the women could not get witnesses.
    This is my honest heartfelt appeal to all Muslim women, do rally against the implementation of Hudud, otherwise Malaysia WILL become the next Saudi Arabia in the making.

    • Daud Yahya
      May 6, 2014

      Hi Vickram,

      First of all, the Islamic civilization, since the time of Prophet Muhammad (s) until now, is firmly founded on the concept of ‘rule of law.’ For that reason, the law is published and known, and citizens and courts are expected to uphold it. In addition, Muslim citizens must adhere to Islamic law – Shariah. If a Muslim citizen commits a religious violation, he is judged according to Islamic law. A non-Muslim citizen is judged in religious issues by the laws of his own faith.

      Islam’s law comprises a comprehensive outlook on life. As one looks from a satellite at this planet, the Shariah conceives of the earth as a single ‘city’ with diverse inhabitants—in modern parlance, a ‘global village.’ Islam looks to the benefit of the society as a whole from a general perspective and presents a theoretical model that if followed provides safety and protection for society.

      Shariah literally means ‘a well-trodden path to water,’ the source of all life, representing the Path to Allah, as given by Allah, the Originator of all life.

      Secondly, what causes rape?

      The causes of rape involved the process of socialization within society. According to research conducted by Peggy Reeves Sanday, higher incidence of rape occurred in societies that tolerated masculine violence where young boys are taught to be aggressive and used physical force if necessary to get what they want.

      Society plays a major part influencing and reinforcing gender roles that are learned through peers, school, and media. From early ages young boys are taught to be aggressive and young girls are taught to be passive.

      According to research conducted by Boeringer indicates that viewing hard-core pornography with violent rape scene can also lead to the causes of rape. Watching hard-core pornography is capable of leading men’s aggression towards sex and women that may also increase his desire to engage in such acts.

      Many researches indicate that not all rapes are sexually motivated as some are motivated by desire for power and domination and some are motivated by desire for sexual gratification.

      According to research conducted by Abel, some rapist may engage in more violent sexual offenses such as child sexual abuse, exhibitionism, voyeurism, and sexual sadism. Abel also discovered that some rapists fantasized about rape and violence long before committing the actual act and many of them also masturbated to rape fantasy in their mid-teens.

      Report indicates most rapists come from lower socioeconomic status with lack of education and unemployed. Report indicates women of all ages are raped. Women with lower socioeconomic status are more often victims of rape because of poor living condition. Women living in poverty are more likely to be subject to these types of crime.

      It is obvious that hudud will eventually reduces the causes of rape.

  66. Vickram
    May 4, 2014

    All of you Hudud supporters, I challenge you to answer me on this.

    Give me ONE example of a country that is progressive, and successful, by using the Hudud law.

    • Daud Yahya
      May 6, 2014

      Hi Vickram,

      The word hudud conjures up a disturbing picture in the minds of some people outside the Muslim world. It is a fact that many in the West imagine hudud to be something far removed from modern life, closed to science and that attaches no value to a good quality of life.

      The first reason for this erroneous belief is that various people who claim to be Muslims in fact have views and lifestyles that fly in the face of it. However, someone looking in from the outside cannot recognize that and will be unable to evaluate matters accurately.

      Another important reason is associated with the first: Most people are unacquainted with the truths of hudud and the correct interpretation of the Quran. In point of fact, these people who make incorrect evaluations are not only from outside the Islamic world; many people within the Islamic world as well are unable to properly understand the Quran. The reason for the appearance of mistaken and radical views is that the Quran is not correctly understood.

      The only point of reference to truly learn about hudud is the Quran but we see that some people do not interpret the Quran correctly and produce their own perverse and foolish deductions from it in order to support their own misguided and superstitious beliefs.

      As for your question on progressive and success, may I suggest the following links for your enlightenment;

  67. Pemikir
    May 4, 2014

    Kinda understand what you’re trying to say

    You believe in Islam, in Hudud, but not in the people who carried it (out)

    Let me bring you to another perspective of the laws nowadays

    Do you think they are JUST ?!??

    Even if this type of LAW or that type of LAW

    TRUE JUSTICE is something you’ll never have in this world

    It’s something you can have in the HEREAFTER

    Where Allah will be the One who Judges

    Why don’t you try slicing an apple in half ?

    Are you sure it’s half ? What about it’s composition of vitamins and minerals? Is it the same?

    Your concern about the fate of the RIGHTEOUS people did make sense

    But Hudud simply is just a change in the way you give PUNISHMENT

    Even if some people will always try to make it to their advantage (by manipulating it)

    It’s their Fault

    This world is not Our Place

    This world is not the place we Dream of

    It’s Jannah that we seek

    So why bother about being wrongly accused by the People Who Unjust and losing a hand (because of wrongly accused for stealing)

    You already know the world is never a Just place

    Is it better to implement Hudud

    Which perhaps might work wonders here

    in Malaysia

    Then we decide..

  68. Redha
    May 4, 2014

    Well Miss, firstly I would like to say you have an interesting issue you brought here. Some of what you’ve mentioned here is true, and should be taken care of, especially regarding the ustazs and ustazahs’ roles in providing information regarding Islamic things. But Miss, from what I can see from your reading, you too, has little knowledge about Islam and Hudud itself.

    Why I said so? Well let me quote this

    “When a woman accuses her husband of infidelity, she has to prove his guilt. When a man accuses his wife of infidelity, she has to prove her innocence.”

    Firstly, Miss, this is quoted from the movie, not from Al-Quran and Al-Hadith.
    It is weird to put your faith and use the movie as the source for Islam-related issue, especially for things like Hudud. It is not a simple issue, as Hudud is one of the Islamic laws.
    As for Hudud, You might wanna know that, in order to be a witness, the man must be have these quality:
    1) Baligh
    2) Sane
    3) Just and trustworthy – the witness must be the person who is known for his just, and is trustworthy. The person must be also free from ‘maksiat’
    4) Islam
    5) Saw the infidelity or adultery with his own eyes, and be able to provide detailed information. So in this case, all of the witnesses must be able to provide the information which is detailed, and not contradict to each other.

    And I think you might already know, the witnesses must be from men.

    So I disagree with your statement, that you’ve quoted from movie, which does not refer to Al-Quran and Al-Hadith itself.

    There are still more contradiction with your statement, but I will let it be, not because I think you are right, but I am waiting to get more info and also hoping for any man who is wise enough, and has knowledge about Islam to brief you more.

    Miss, my advice, when you would like to talk about Islam, especially about our faith, you better refer to Al-quran and hadith, or ask someone who has knowledge about it. As giving statement which is contradict, and might lead people to the wrong path, is one of the big sin in Islam.


    • sfqomhz
      May 4, 2014

      I am not putting my faith in the line of a movie, but what has been said in that movie is an example of human thinking.

      Kelantan Deputy MB said “If she cannot prove she was raped, she will be accused of adultery.” Not only does a woman have to prove her innocence but she also has to prove someone’s guilt. Is this the kind of justice we want? How can we trust heavy punishments on people who think like this?

      I suggest you read up about Aisha, the 13 year old Somalian girl who was stoned because she cannot prove she was gang-raped. Perhaps that will give you a clearer view on why I emphasized on that statement.

      • aziz
        May 4, 2014

        Have you ever read a story about masyitah, the nanny of firaun princess.
        We have faith in ALLAH and we should always had without a doubt. As I said before “matlamat tidak menghalalkan cara”. If you believe in islam and you believe in judgement day, you will understand what I mean. We live only temporarily in this world. If you love this world so much then you’ll never understand it.

      • Kita Tak Sempurna
        May 5, 2014

        Miss, jangan risau sangat k. Boleh bincang.. Agama Islam mudah dan sangat lengkap (syumul).. jika aisya direjam walaupun tak bersalah,. Allah S.w.t tahu apa yang terjadi.. ingatlah.. dunia hanya pinjaman.. di akhirat juga kekal selamanya.. Ya ada manusia yang tidak adil di dunia ini tapi tak guna mempersoalkan sesuatu yang memang hak Allah.. contohnya menutup aurat.. kita boleh mencari 1001 sebab untuk tidak menutup aurat.. dan kita juga mencari 1001 alasan untuk menutup aurat… tapi,jika kita kembali pada Allah s.w.t…jawapannya mudah.. tujuan menutup aurat ialah mencari keredaanNnya dan melakukan suruhan serta perintahNya. As simple as that.. carilah ilmu dan kebenaran.. sesungguhnya, syaitan itu banyak tipu daya dan muslihatnya.. kita sebagai org Islam.. tak boleh menggunakan logik akal semata kerana akal yang di kurniakan Allah Swt sangat limited pengetahuannya.. Im not bashing u.. but, tak salah kalau kita diskusi secara ilmiah.. bukannya menentukan hukum Allah itu sesuai di jalankan atau tidak..

      • Daud Yahya
        May 6, 2014

        Hi Shafiqah,

        Must hudud be sacrificed because of Somalia’s “act of barbarism worthy of denunciation”?

        Are you aware that the danger doesn’t lie with those people, but with those who just watch what they do without confronting them strongly and firmly?

        People’s failure to distinguish between true Islam and extremism is the real problem.

        The lack of knowledge with which to distinguish between Islam and extremism.

        While true Islam is based on peace, love, affection and understanding, extremists are encouraging hatred and enmity.

        While true Muslims encourage goodness, beauty and friendship with people of all beliefs, extremists depict Muslims as harsh, loveless and unwilling to compromise.

        While Muslims seek to build a world of peace, tranquillity and love, extremists are encouraging conflict.

        While Muslims try to bring art, science and beauty to the places they live in, extremists misrepresent Islam to the world on the basis of a total lack of quality.

        As a result of these non-Quranic beliefs and lifestyles, fear and hatred of Islam are growing stronger. Across the world, extremists are ending up getting killed and also causing innocent Muslims to suffer harm, persecution and death.

  69. Amazing read
    May 4, 2014

    Great read I must say,
    And you are not the only one having the same train of thought and I do appreciate your point of view.

    As you can see dear, these are challenges that we must face if we do want to implement the Hudud, or should I say implementing the law perfectly. Our experiences shape our opinion and what you had experience with the ustaz is no rare case, I have seen many people misuse the word of God for their own benefit. I have seen people taking pieces of hadith and pieces of Quran to scare their love ones, their employees, their students etc. We are not in the position to question the law of Hudud as I would respect the wishes of God and Muslims alike.
    If we do nothing and with our current laws, you can extrapolate what would happen 10-20 years from now because we have used this law. Wild parties, homosexuality, unrest between Muslims hoping that Hudud law will solve many things. There will be material progress, there will be economic growth, there will be some piece of mind. But there wont be Hudud.

    Hope for the Hudud is not baseless. We have seen during the caliphate rule that Islam expanded its knowledge and power as well as the Turkish caliphate under the Hudud law. But please dont ask what sins the rulers upholding the law does. So if it does bring power and prosperity, what is there to argue?

    Now, I have no qualms of having the Hudud law but if it has to happen, it has to tackle the most important questions that are readily available in this discussion.
    What of our non-muslim friends? How are we to tackle people using the word of God for themselves? How do we ensure that Hudud is executed perfectly? Hudud is a great deal of power, who or what group of people would manage this immense power? Are we going to follow the rules verbatim, or are we going to modify the word of God to a more modern form? Where are we going to find groups of Muslims highly educated with an IQ of 160 point or more, well versed in Arabic and Islam, very experienced with the world we live in, able to fight the Western powers in charisma, able to persuade our Muslims brothers to unite under one thought and able to take full responsibility of the Rakyat and the people? Could we have 2 laws running side by side Denda RM 360,000, sebatan, potong tangan atau ketiga-tiganya sekali?

    For those opting for Hudud. I am hoping for the best for all of us. But I dont think it will be easy to implement the law perfectly. For muslims, its going to be a tough road ahead, first implementing Hudud, then perfecting it. As the history of Islam the perfection of the religion will demand a sacrifice of effort, time and blood. Dont lie to me there was no wars in the early days of Islam.

    For those opting not to implement Hudud, and think societies can develop with knowledge and man laws. Remember this is the Law of Allah, our creator and we have a long a proud history with it.

    As for me, I am for Hudud with all its flawless execution. I dont want a half assed Hudud whereby the heads rolling are the people who supported Hudud themselves.

  70. anonymous
    May 4, 2014

    How about refer back to our holy quran as it is the best reference. Yes everyone have their opinion nowadays, just make sure that yours won’t make you look like you’re somehow disagree of our obligations as a muslim.

  71. formalaysia
    May 4, 2014

    The author should be praised for giving such a firm stand on an issue which is much of a conflict in our country. Many leaders have failed to do these. Hope to see people like you leading our country someday.

    • Anonymous
      May 9, 2014

      Agree 100%

  72. Izzat
    May 5, 2014

    My thoughts exactly like you. I don’t trust the people behind the system’s implementation with their strongest trait of “holier than thou attitude”.
    For example,
    1. How will they honour the verse right after the verse that deals with the cutting of hands?
    Sahih International
    But whoever repents after his wrongdoing and reforms, indeed, Allah will turn to him in forgiveness. Indeed, Allah is Forgiving and Merciful.
    But whoso repenteth after his wrongdoing and amendeth, lo! Allah will relent toward him. Lo! Allah is Forgiving, Merciful.
    Clearly if logic is in place, God the most Beneficent & the Most Merciful has put it in his grace for people to repent & thus their hands would not be cut. Now if the words relating to cut where studied as to its usage throughout the Quran. Then what you will understand is very different from how most people would interpret. But that information is next time.
    Plus, it will give rapist an opportunity to circumnavigate the system & do their job whenever they want to & get away scot free… How do you deal with that… Where is the logic of the woman raped to be accused with adultery? Does she have any say when she was raped? In fact stoning to death for zina is not even in Quran.

  73. Anonymous
    May 5, 2014

    Niat tidak menghalalkan cara, sekalipun niat dari seorang ustaz ke sesiapa pun.

    Allah knows best. Even a little doubt that runs in our mind is just a test from Him.

    So, be careful. Maybe most of us not realize what we promised Him before He gave us our life – to have faith in all Allah’s doing.

  74. Anonymous
    May 5, 2014

    I believe most religions in the world are meant for the good of mankind. It’s just about how the people interpret and/or manipulate it.

  75. Anonymous
    May 5, 2014

    if you don’t know anything about hudud just SHUT UP…!!!!

  76. Ong
    May 5, 2014

    Simply i am not muslim, i do not trust a law based on faith, and since no evident show that implementation of hudud will make improvement, logical person will definitely against it.

    • Anonymous
      March 20, 2015

      I’m sorry but I think you are too into this Soraya movie which clearly gives out the wrong impression of Islam . Before you intrepret and dispute what’s in quran, you should really refer to ulamas. Al-baqarah ayat 1 “This is the Book about which there is no doubt, a guidance for those concious of Allah” As you know, Hukum Allah isnt just Hudud. There are 4 types of Hukum 1)Hukum Hudud, 2) Hukum Qisas, 3) Hukum Diyat 4) Hukum Ta’zim. What you should know Hukum Hudud cannot be change or “dipinda” and Hukum hudud only cover a few things.
      Those things are;
      a) berzina
      b) menuduh orang berzina (qazaf) that is membuat tuduhan zina ke atas orang yg baik dan suci atau menafikan keturunannya dan tuduhan tidak dpt dibuktikan dgn empat(4) org saksi
      c) minum arak atau minuman yg memabukkan
      d) mencuri atau memindahlan harta secara sembunyi tanpa persetujuan tuannya dgn niat menghilangkan harta dari jagaan atau milik tuannya.
      e) Murtad
      f) merompak iaitu keluar sekumpulan atau seorang bertujuan untk mengambil harta atau membunuh atau dgn menakutkan dgn cara kekerasan
      g) penderhaka iaitu segolongan orang Islam yg melawan atau menderhaka kepada pemerintah YANG MENJALANI SYARI’AT Islam.

      The things What all of us afraid were b), e), and g). If you’re saying Hudud cannot be implemented in Malaysia bcs of many races and many religions, during The conquest of Constantinople by Sultan Muhammad Fateh, there are still non Islam living under Muhammad Fateh’s ruling as they asked for protection and still be given the freedom to practice their teachings.
      There will only be blood in wars if the door to gain peace between each other are closed.
      I put the rest of it for you to think.

  77. soA
    May 6, 2014

    Allah knows the best for us. What is written in the Holy Quran is the truth and we have no right to question about it. We live and die just because of Allah. I am also not a good servant to ALLAH, i made a lot of mistakes, but as a servant of Allah it is not us to set what is good in the world and what is not .If Allah already have set it for us, just accept it the where it is, because it is Allah rules not to be disobey. Almighty Allah , Allah is Almighty Rich. if it’s true that hudud was dropped on innocent people there is always Allah that knows the true, the good and the bad, afterlife is more permanent and real. Therefore, the gods certainly provide a better place for them in the afterlife. we could not believe the man who would later impose hudud, but we are human, not an angel ,not a god ,each person would make mistakes and only to Allah we apologize. Allah is Great ,Allah is Omniscient , we are human and Qur’an is the guide of life. Believe in the law that was set by Allah, INSYAALLAH, ALLAH will simplify all of our dealings in the world and especially in the afterlife.

    • soA
      May 6, 2014

      sorry for my broken english.

  78. sekadarberkongsipendapat
    May 6, 2014

    pendapat ko okay, xda masalah. tp klau pendapat aku la kan, orang2 yang rasa hukum hudud ni x patut dilakasanakan hanya fikirkan lebih tentang duniawi. diorang takut meninggalkan dunia ,takut berada di dalam kubur.mereka hanya memikirkan masa depan mereka yg inginkan harta yang banyak , populariti dan sebagainya. tak payahla nak risau pasal klau2 keluarga kita yang bakal terkena hukum hudud ataupun orang yg tak bersalah ntt akan terkena hukuman ni.mmg kita smua akan mati juga, jgn fikirkan sgt pasal dunia ni. dunia ni kn sementara sahaja, kta smua tahu pasal tu .SEMENTARA. kita di uji di dunia ni, jadi klau kta tak laksanakan perintah Allah , maknanya kita fail di dunia dan di akhirat.x susah benda ni , ikut jeee , gerenti bahagia dunia akhirat . Islam membawa kemanan kepada kita..Allah itu maha mengetahui dan maha adil. jadi serahkan segalanya kepada Allah.mmg betul pun tiada manusia yg sempurna, tp tak jdi masalah bsar pun klau kita ikut je perintah Allah .Ikutila semua perintah Allah ,tak rugi di dunia dan di akhirat. kan senang. takut klau Malaysia ni bakal jdi huru hara? takut klau peperangan berlaku jika hukum hudud dilaksanakan?takut apa agama lain akan fikir tentang agama Islam? takut apa lagi yg korang ada? takutla pada Allah. dunia ni hanya sementaraaa.marila kta sama2 mengingati.

  79. Ong
    May 6, 2014

    We will know nothing if we never question any. For the god who might exist to be omniscient as quoted, could only be justify if we could possible possess the knowledge as much as it possessed, and these knowledge if exist should able to clear every doubt of the universe and existence. For believing can never be knowing.

  80. Machik
    May 7, 2014

    I read this from sakmongkol;

    When the day of judgement comes, we will all be brought to account for what we have done. God will ask- I gave you eyes- what did you set eyes upon. I gave you legs- where did you go, I gave you ears, what did you listen to. Such is the supreme greatness of Allah.

    If we trust Allah in this way, we must also trust in the laws that he gave us. It is beyond the puny minds of mankind to comprehend the inner meanings of God’s laws.

    ref :

  81. Azrie
    May 7, 2014

    Greetings of peace, mercy, and blessings of Allah to you sister,

    A shari’a law’s mission and objectives are to promote a harmonious/peaceful environment to live in, serve justice, and upholding one’s rights.

    I will relate this issue of hudud from what the sheikh that I am learning from taught me. What I know here is based on Imam ash-Shafiyy’s school of jurisprudence on his book the al-Umm.

    In order to implement Islamic Shari’a & the punishments, the nation must fulfill certain conditions:

    1. Nation is ruled by a Khalifa*
    2. Nation implements total Islamic laws & the ruler abides by Islamic rulings.
    3. In the court of law, decisions must be made by a legal thinker/decision-maker (a judge).

    4a. Every crime must have solid evidence(s), and/or competent witnesses.
    4b. Shari’a law is only judged to a Muslim accused. Otherwise judged by the nation’s own laws.
    4c. For hudud laws to be implemented:
    a) The defendant is a Muslim.
    b) It must be established that the crime was committed freely by the accused, rather than under duress, and the accused must be fully aware that the act is illegal and a punishable crime.
    c) The defendant committed the crime publicly, or confessed to committing it.

    5. Decisions made must be free of any doubt. This is even more strict when implementing hudud laws.
    6. The punishment must be carried out by the khalifa/ruler that follows Islamic rulings.

    *Since we now live in a world absent of a khalifa, the scholars agreed that the first condition can be excused. However, certain laws and punishments that requires the presence of a khalifa are not to be implemented; like the laws and punishments against an apostate.

    *Islamic rulings doesn’t mean the nation is under the rule of a Muslim, but the nation’s laws itself is 100% Islamic in values, ethics, and rights.

    Shari’a laws itself is divided into 3 types:
    Hadd: worst crimes that are also mentioned in the Quran. This is where hudud resides.
    Taz’ir: milder crimes compared to above.
    Qisas: crimes where compensation and restitution is possible, and desirable by the involved parties.

    I won’t go into any details here for it is a huge topic to cover, and I am also not qualified to teach and give guidance.

    If you want my opinion Malaysia is not considered an Islamic state for it does not fulfill the Islamic rulings. Therefore Shari’a cannot exist with justice. To make matters worse the ruler(s) also does not follow Islamic rulings.

    This is my advice for you sister, and to those who are reading. Please seek out noble scholars and sheikhs about this matter. Ask them the hard questions and get multiple answers from different scholars and sheikhs.

    Also if you have the time, learn from those people. Knowledge is our line of defence against corruption and injustice.

    I am also sorry to see that video where a women was sentenced to an unjust punishment. It shouldn’t happen, and it shows how uneducated the population are about such matters.

    I will end this long reply with an advice from Prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him).

    On the hadith book of Sahih Muslim narrated by Abu Saeed al-Khudri (may Allah be pleased with him):

    The Prophet (peace be upon him) said, “Whoever of you sees an evil must then change it with his hand (through action). If he is not be able to do so, then (he must change it) with his tongue (through advice or speech). And if he is not being able to do so, then (he must change it) with his heart (to hate the evil). And that is the weakest form of faith.”

    Some references:

    Controversies in Contemporary Islam by Oliver Leaman

    • Anonymous
      May 11, 2014

      Thank you, learned alot by reading your post. Very informative.

  82. CT
    May 7, 2014

    “As true believers, we have to make sure Hudud law happens. To those who were wronged, God will give justice to the innocent. Maybe not now, but he will.”

    Then, let God be the judge in the afterlife, not men!

  83. A. Hamid Kimar
    May 8, 2014

    i’m not going to fight whether it is should or shouldn’t be implemented. But be positive, if Hudud is implemented, it is one step towards doing a right thing under Islam. Hudud indeed an islamic law which as a muslimin or muslimah, we knew about it (unless u skip all islamic class).

    Not implementing it is just an excuse of delaying it. Implementing it might have side effect because the one that going to use it are all human beings. There will be bad, and good people. Bad consequences from it is what we should fight for to get it fixed.

    If to make a comparison, u want to build a hosue at hill edge prone to erosion. Some houses were made but destroyed by erosion. Sadly only hill side is the place to build the house. In the end, u got to build it, find a way to ensure your houses didn’t collapsed. Thats human being (a muslim or muslimah) should do. Be positive.

  84. Anonymous
    May 9, 2014

    semoga anda dan kita semua mndapat hidayah Allah…amiin..

  85. Anonymous
    May 12, 2014

    1st Hudud Bukan Hukum yg dibuat oleh manusia tp dibuat oleh Allah dan Ia Adalah satu Undang2 yg cukup sempurna dan tiada cacat cela….
    2nd Base on Khalifa…. At makkah Ada Khalifa? Kalau ada… Maka Malaysia Lahirkanlah seorang anak muda dan lahirkan pegantinya…. human Must think…
    3rd… Malaysia Is a good Country To use a Hudud Law…. because Brunei Also Use Hudud…. Dorang pon tiada Khalifa ..

    Kebanyakan manusia di malaysia x nak Hudud kerana… Masih Ramai Lagi wanita tidak menutup auratnya.. dan ada lagi kaum lelaki yg tidak solat jumaat… maka perbaiki diri anda dengan hukum Hudud dan ia adalah satu peningkatan dalam hidup kamu ….. lepas itu Malaysia x nak Hudud Kerana Malaysia terdapat Terlampau Banyak Rasuah…..dan kalau hukum Hudud… Kita x perlu bayar cukai … hanya perlu bayar zakat sahaja bagi satu sistem untuk memajukan negara dan diri… maka ini dpt memberi satu Kelebihan yg sebagai mana Allah memberi Kelebihan Kepada Brunei

  86. Mehmet al-fetih
    May 12, 2014

    Beautiful piece i have to say.i agree with you in some parts,and honestly i dont think we are nowhere near ready to be govern by this beautiful system, we are nowhere near the understanding of this great religion to be honest, If we look at the history of our Prophet Muhammad may peace and blessings be upon him, and the companians , Islam didnt start with the law, the first verse revealed to our beloved messenger was “iqra!” “read”.

    He the prophet pbuh was sent during the time where men would bury their daughters alive,a terrible place and time to live in. He was sent to change this. and as we know by the seerahs compiled in hadiths e.t.c we know that he the prophet p.b.u.h successfully reformed His nation. point is,what made the change possible? from what i’ve studied islam is “syumull’ it covers all aspects.not just in terms of governing a society but also plays and impotant role in developing an iconic individual like our Prophet PBUH and the companions RA. i would describe it as a foundation of morality. For example we were thought by our Prophet pbuh to recite certain Du’a before we eat,to recite this .. when we enter certain places,to enter certain places with our right/left foot, he thought us how should we eat,how to put on our clothes what should we wear,to feed the poor ,to give charity,even a smile can be a charity to deal with people justly,(u get the point) this is the part of islam that i fell in love with.

    However,the reality that we need to grasp is not many muslims today practice their religion the same way as the prophet pbuh did.My dear sister have pointed out some i believe,the injustice and so on.i find it true. I quote
    “A lot of Muslims (me included) disagree with the implementation of Hudud law, not the law itself, because we don’t trust people, not because we don’t trust in Islam. We disagree in fear that God’s divine law will be manipulated by the evil, unjust, corrupted and tyrannical to achieve their own selfish agendas. We disagree in fear that it will taint the justice that it was supposed to serve. When a divine law is being handled by petty human beings like ourselves, injustice is bound to happen.”

    I believe Dr Asri answered this beautifully here’s the link

    I agree with u again,same groups/parties/Scholars/individuals fail to educate us as muslims. And please dont get me wrong i love the law designed by my Lord, my only dream is to be govern by the system but i would not accept any injustice like how u describe above. As a muslim brother i urge you and everyone else to get back to the teachings of islam, the original teachings of islam thought by our prophet pbuh in the Quran and Sunnah. Lets play a role in our society to restore what was brought to us. The greatest blessing. The Deen, Al-islam. Forgive me for my mistakes,may Allah guide me and correct me if im wrong.May Allah guide us all.

  87. Happy Go Lucky Person
    May 12, 2014

    Commenting here isn’t going to make anything better anyway, why don’t try experience it in the near future if you got the chance. I’m not against Islam or Hudud law, but implementing laws is about the country’s future. Laws are implemented by parliament, and parliament is being chosen by citizens. In the end, the one who implemented the law is actually us citizens. I have a lot of friends from different races and they have different opinions about the hudud law, but i still treasure them because people from other country envied us Malaysians because we have the natural resources, good weather and most of all, bonds among different races and tolerance of other races culture and tradition. Why don’t we forget about these worrying issues while we are already in a condition that we can live peacefully and believe in God that God will bring us to a better future by following the path God has already prepared and perfected.

  88. afiq
    May 12, 2014

    dear the writer of this article:

    everyone has an opinion and it is good because the way you wrote the article, it is clearly shown that you are the woman of understanding. you have a good faculty of reasoning, bold…but, I suggest you to learn more…although we did think that we have a great understanding, intelligent, full of knowledge..the truth is we have so many things to learn explore more…tq for reading this “miss intelligent than God”. May Allah blessed and forgive you. Wallahualam

    • sfqomhz
      May 13, 2014

      “Miss intelligent than God”? Funny. In no way did I question God’s divinity. I only questioned the morality of fallible men. May Allah bless you too.

  89. Anonymous
    May 13, 2014

    I guess now malaysians juz believe to have hukum karma than hukum hudud huh?

  90. Currentsystemdontwork
    May 13, 2014

    Hudud is done in stages. The justification is also done is stages, one does not simply cut one’s arm just because 3 people said that he stole.

    I’m saying, if it is going to be implemented, there will be guideline to look upon. And if unfairness happen (people won’t stop talking, would they?), we will be the first to stop it. Because unlike Saudi Arabia, women are heard here.

    I suggest government or the groups with the authority along with full understanding of Hudud, must step forward and shine the lights to us who don’t understand.

    Let’s remember that Hudud is implemented for the condemnation of cruel acts and crime, for the good of humanity (what’s better than that?). And let’s not forget, Allah s.w.t. is watching.

    When you say, “I trust in Islam. I don’t trust in people”, I couldn’t agree more.

    The reason why Muslim people (Note: Not Islam) has been minuscule up to this point is because we ourselves do not practice the real ways of Islam. And now you hear bickerings from the non-muslims, on why we implement Hudud even on them, and the answers that was given, was unacceptable and moot.

    Instead of arguing whether it is faith or not to implement Hudud, why not (the authorities; JAIS or any other more trustworthy body who are more knowledgeable in Syari’ah Law) try to explain, why this system is fair, and how it will promote security, safety and humanity, and why this system will not be manipulated by those people who has the authority.

    I appreciate your honest article, I think, it enlightens most of us on what we might be missing when we actually implement this sacred system. I guess, the governments are fighting mainly on ‘yes or no, Hudud’, that they have especially forgotten why they wanted to implement it in the first place, and how.

    I’m with the Hudud. I believe in Allah’s system. I wanted security and humanity. Therefore I am against crime. I have absolute trust in Allah, not to those who argued if they wanted hudud or not.

    Yes to understanding Hudud.

  91. Ayin Ayob
    May 13, 2014

    Well on my opinion. there is nothing wrong for having no faith in humanity any longer. But having faith to Allah must be our priority. the thing is the country that you use as example is not a good country as they are long ago abandoned the fact that women and men are all equal. you should take Brunei as an example as they are much better model relative to our country as their demographic and culture are just as same as ours. I would really suggest you to buy a book about the real hudud law, how to practice it, and how the stages are. Syariah law which is Hudud never say that we should treat woman worst than man. it is good as this law is equal to everybody. your hand will be cut if you commit a robbery regardless your gender. and cutting hands is not done as the judge like. not by stealing 10 cents you get your limbs off. there’s stages for this hudud law. if by all means you actually cause huge pain to others because of your wrong doing only your limb will be cut. if not. that depends on you sins.

    i do agree with you about how people make you think what you have to think. i agree with that. that is the biggest reason why people are still having a hard time on accepting the hudud law. people tend to give an easy explanation to save time and save breath by just saying how you should believe hudud when if you didn’t you are not a good muslim. that is never a good answer. I apologize for that.

    yes i understand your worries on how malaysia is corrupted enough to actually implement this. yes i also understand your worries on how innocent people can be sentence. that’s why here, your faith on god will have to be at highest. Have faith that if there are injustice happen to you because of the law of islam, when you are innocent, then Syurga is promised for you as you died in Syahid. What a better way to die than that right? And even if you commit a sin and you died because of hudud Law, than your sentence in Hell will be less painful than it was suppose to be. and in some cases, you will go staight to heaven. if you ever heard of a story on how a young couple come to Rasulullah on how they commit Zina, and the want hudud to be done to them, they were sent straight to heaven. they came in their father’s dream telling that everything is okay and they are happy now in heaven.

    i also apologize for all the harsh saying that they tell you. they should have not say that to you. i believe that you have no intention on being better than god. as i real your article, i believe it’s not god who you have issues with but human. so my friend, just believe in god. no need to believe in human. if you don’t feel like it. but have trust in god. Allah is full of miracle. He will not come out with a law that is not good in every aspect. everything from god is perfect regardless if people who implementing it is not. so have faith in that. have faith that Allah is always right. He knows best. Remember the story of Nabi Ibrahim and Nabi Ismail? Allah knows best so put your faith on that. believe that you will die in syahid if injustice happen and you will be send straight to heaven. then you’ll find human is no longer an issues as Allah is the highest power. If they do injustice to you. they might be okay now, but they sure will be asked when they died and much worst hell is promise for them. that is the best justice you can get.

    Assalamualaikum. 🙂

  92. Person who respect ur opinion
    May 13, 2014

    Well,tq for ur article,i believe,ur opinion was based on what u hear and see…but,tell me,what good does civil law done to us…for me its unfair when a victim of peragut or robbery have to live in fear,broke,and maybe traumatized,while the do’er only sentenced to 10 years prison maybe,and we pay for their accomodation from taxes…yes your worry’s of the execution of the hudud law is valid…but it is not also the same with civil also,juri and judge can be bribe,some times people will walk away just because of lack of evidence.. i believe your need to research more on this matter,because to qualify as a witness and judge is strict in hudud.I understand u dont have faith in humanity,but faith in Allah is different

  93. manisah
    May 13, 2014

    to those who really want HUDUD to be implemented, i have 1 very simple question for u. is human greater than ALLAH to punish other people (potong tangan potong lidah potong kepala potong ntah pa lg..) for what they did wrong? if u yourself did something wrong, what u say —> “sedangkan ALLAH lg memaafkan umatNya”.. this is sooooo confusing.

      May 14, 2014

      My dear manisah,

      Islamic Syariah is a method made by Allah SWT to regulate Islamic life in the light of Holy al-Quran and pure Sunnah. Unless it is implemented no society can become an Islamic society.

      Do you know that it is unimaginable if the muslims could accept the verses that make prayer compulsory and continue to reject the verses that make usury unlawful? Islamic legislation is a main component for a society.

      Any society must have a law that regulates social relationships and inflicts punishment on the outlaw, be it a heavenly law or a man-made law.

      The fact remains that consciences and psychological motives alone are insufficient to keep a society secure and protect its morale and material entity.

      By the way my dear, legislation is not only confined in hudud and punishments, as perceived by some people. Legislation in Islam regulates the relationships of a human and his lord, a human and his society, a ruler and the ruled, the rich and the poor, employers and employees and an Islamic state and non-Islamic states in both the states of war and peace.

      It is not only a religious law; it is also a civil, administrative, constitutional and international law.

      Hudud is a fence that declares loudly that Muslims say ”no” to certain crimes and reject a compromise at all on the matter.

      Islam is very concerned about individual’s privacy and tends to pardon in matters relating to hudud.

      Islam doesn’t pursue the enforcement of hudud and is not fond of the execution of punishment against those who have committed punishable offences.

      Neither device is to be put to snoop offenders nor candid camera be installed to shoot them while committing the offence.

      Neither a police officer nor a special branch is empowered to spy those going against the Islamic Syariah to be arrested as suspects. Neither individuals nor authorities are allowed to spy people’s privacy. They are even urged to respect their privacy.

      Syariah advises accuracy in the application of punishments. In an authoritative Hadith, judges and ruling are advised to be careful in the application of punishments. If they err, it is better they err on the side of leniency.

      If the judge can find a way out of a harsher to a lighter punishment, he is advised to do so. Rather than err in punishing someone, a judge is advised to forgive incorrectly.

      I agree with you that Allah is a pardoner who likes to forgive. However, according to Sheikh Mutawalli Sha’arawi, hudud can be likened to nuclear bomb because it is almost impossible for a country to use it as it is internationally banned.

      But countries having the nuclear bomb can preserve balance of power in their region for fear of the possibility of it being used when emergency arises.

      Hudud likewise, it is almost impossible for us to have four faithful eyewitnesses to prove the acts of hudud. But the presence of this law can keep a society balanced and stable.

      But it doesn’t mean that those committing adultery will go unpunish if we fail to bring forth four faithful witnesses, because in this case the offender will be referred to takzir or discretion-based judgment, where civil lawyers can play their role in deciding on the case.

  94. Mas hanis
    May 19, 2014

    Too good . I believe Allah , Im a Bn supporter but im
    Against hudud .

  95. Anonymous
    May 23, 2014

    Well said!

  96. umy
    May 30, 2014

    – i am so sad to see that a lot of my muslim brothers and sisters dont really understand what hudud is all about. by referring the implementation of hudud in certain so called muslim countries, and wht has been portrayed in the film (the stoning of soraya)- i’ve watched this film and there are a lot of mistakes happened- and these mistakes and misunderstandings lead to a misconception towards hudud. remember guys, hudud is the rights of ALLAH, for a major sins doer (murder, adultery, ect), they have to be punished by this law. why? cause ALLAH knows what’s the best for HIS creation, punishment that can stop the doer from doing the same sin again, and fear others, moreover, it upholds justice for the victims too, (if one thing has been stolen, and the stealing is happened not because of the carelessness of the owner, (the chances for the stealing to happen are very little), the stolen thing or money must be replaced with the exact amount or kind. the wrong doer got his punishment, and the victim got his rights. there are many more, which i could not write all of them here, but believe me, if you do a research about the true hudud practices, you’ll find that the best solution to heal the crimes is hudud.

    – BUT, the fact that malaysia is not ready yet to implement this law is somehow make sense. what we do need before its implementation is, the education. the gov has to educate the rakyats about hudud, since we are an ISLAMIC country (logically we supposed to apply the islamic law as well). dont you feel sad and disappointed when non muslims (in fact, there are certain muslims also) mock the teaching of the Quran? its law? dont you feel affected with that wild accusations? islamic law is cruel, cutting hands, stoning and what not are against the human rights, bla bla bla. why this could happen? simply because, we are not educated with what is hudud, why, when, how, who, ect. yes, hudud cant be implemented and practiced in malaysia now before the education.

    – yes, to implement the hudud here, a lot of works has to be done, since we are multiracial and multi religions, the punishment and its categories should be explained wisely, the reason of it, the place to carry out the punishment, such as stoning, lashes, ect), with no exception (royals and leaders are not excluded from this law- YES ENSURE THIS TOO), and other preparations. to prepare all this, we need a strong team, not only PAS alone to carry this responsibility. remember guys, the responsibility to preach islam, and to uphold its teaching, is not a certain party’s responsibility, but every muslim has to play his role. in this case, our gov is the highest authority and they have the biggest role, (according to hadeeth).

    – “we are not ready yet”- said our leader. ohh well, how can we be fully ready if we aint preparing ourselves? we have heard this quote since the era of tun M, until now. no progressive at all, which i personally could conclude here that, the gov has no interest at all to let rakyats know what is hudud, what more to implement it, as hudud is considered as PAS’S agenda. and PAS is their enemy in politics.

    – education, preparation and collaboration. these are what we need before the implementation of islamic law could be done -without fitna, injustice and ect, like what we’d observed frm other countries- ,which i hope my beloved country will eventually practice the true hudud, and get HIS bless for our effort for the religion. if we help the deen, ALLAH will surely help us.

    – dont narrow our mind and our eyes to see the truth. if we dont start form now, then when? if the gov could still implement GST (educate ppl through media, even in friday sermons!), eventho the rakyats against it, why dont we do the same for hudud? i think u already knew that our current law failed to control the crimes, some of the criminals even repeat their crimes, there are injustices everywhere! our prophet saw told us to refer to the holy Quran and ahadeeth in our lives, then what we are waiting for? i do have faith that ppl, without considering their backgrounds, or religions, will accept hudud, if they got the education, explanation and information of it. because it s from our CREATOR, HE creates the law for HIS creations, will you say ALLAH dont understand our condition? will u say the hudud only suitable during the prophet time? only in arab countries? will u say that? will u not answer the accusation made by the western? will u say ALLAH is cruel for making this law? remember guys, if we ever had this kinda perception towards our own faith, there’s sthg wrong with our iman. dont take islam half, and leave the other half of it.

    – yes, we are welcomed to critic the wrong practiced of hudud by certain countries (like what we’ve seen thru the stoning of soraya). dont just simply absorb that, if you have any doubt, go and search for the truth, with the experts, the qualified scholars, make your research, gain your knowledge. many muslims, especially arabs (cause majority of us tend to see islam thru arabs-totally wrong-) dont present the true islam. there are a lot of muslims dont cover their awrah, practising bidaah, dont read quran, dont know ahadeeth. but is it fair enough to claim islam is a bad religion cause of its bad followers? the same thing goes to hudud. if you’re gonna say the bad practicing of hudud in malaysia( hopefully it never happen) will lead to fitna towards islam, thus we cant implement it here. -simply say that without making any effort-. so, could u say this to a muslim girl that dont wear scarf, going to clubs, wearing shorts, not to learn islam and try to practise in her life, because she’s going to give fitna to islam. could u? i think not.

    – there’s nothing impossible, before you try. i have no guarantee that the hudud in malaysia will be free from any shortcomings, but if it is well prepared together with tawakkal and sincerity to gain HIS bless and forgiveness, hudud will bring peace to our country. in sha ALLAH.

    thank you 🙂

  97. Lee E K
    June 3, 2014

    Its impossible to implement hudud.

    It is written in the Book.
    A women was caught in the act of adultery.
    The women was cast before the Teacher.
    It is written, he who is without sin among you may cast the first stone.
    One by one left from the greatest to the least leaving their stones behind.
    All are found guilty.

  98. Gegard Mousasi
    June 11, 2014

    I see a lot of facts being thrown around here by both sides and seems like not many are listening to each other with much diplomacy. So i’ll share my story instead. It’s not in the context of stoning though but robbery. Just to prove my point.

    My family was a victim of armed robbery. My kid sister was there and she’s traumatized to go out anywhere now and I don’t remember spending my childhood fearing the outside world like that. I was like you I thought that hudud wasn’t the way to go around here because i was scared of such a strict law because honestly i’m not that good of a Muslim so apparently if hudud was implemented i’d be handcuffed by shariah cops the next day. But, looking at my sister I realize that just one robbery had damaged a child’s life that badly. Just one. It kind of made sense that hudud does not want to cut of a Muslim’s hand as just a form of punishment, it wants to prevent it from happening again because just one robbery can damage an innocent life severely. If not physically, emotionally.

    About your point on not being confident about the people who will be handling the hudud system. I agree with you. Who isn’t terrified to be wrongly accused to a stone sentence? Cacat jugak la kalau tak takut. To me you are responding normally. There are a lot of people not confident like you either. That means a lot has to be done by the ruling government that wants to implement such a system before people start to willingly accept and agree to it.

    Mainly, i think you did a good job in voicing out your opinion. We need more youth as brave as you but I would like to respectively point out that the dissatisfaction in the response that oppose you is not because your opinion is wrong but the usage of the wrong tone applied to the issue. Plus, some of you here owe this woman an apology for misunderstanding and disrespectful comments.

  99. miss emily
    June 12, 2014

    she even dont wear properly,like islam asked to,means she dont understand one of the simple task about,why we have to agree what she says about this complicated case,what makes u believes in what she says..this opinion will make people confuse and having a bad thought about Allah’s law…if u dont study about Islam,please say nothing about Islam..even ulamak don’t even dare to say like this

    • sfqomhz
      June 14, 2014

      The only thing your comment screams is “I DON’T READ!” There have been many Islamic scholars who oppose Hudud in within a contemporary society, and also, if you read my blog, you would understand my stance on the hijab. Also, no one is condemning Allah’s law, but the implementation of PAS’ Hudud. There is a difference. Learn it.

      Good day.

      • Mohiyuddin Gilani
        June 18, 2014

        Actually I agree with you and in fact, I believe another Mahsuri is going to appear somewhere in the future if Hudud is established… I have nothing against Hudud, but I hope our Muslim brothers and sisters have to understand that Hudud laws are not newly divine law that came and drop out of Heaven, the punishment such as cutting hands for thieves have been practiced by the Sabeans prior to the prophet-hood of the our messenger Muhammad Ibn Abdullah S.A.W. The Quran is just confirming the law of the Sabeans and remember Sabeans was considered among those who believe alongside with Christians and Jews as mentioned in Surah Al-Baqarah chpater 2 verse 62.

        According to Muhammad Shukri al-Alus in his book Bulugh al-‘Arab fi Ahwal al-‘Arab, Vol. 2, p. 122, he stated that :

        “The Arabs during the pre-Islamic period used to practice certain things that were included in the Islamic Sharia. They, for example, did not marry both a mother and her daughter. They considered marrying two sisters simultaneously to be a most heinous crime. They also censured anyone who married his stepmother, and called him dhaizan. They made the major [hajj] and the minor [umra] pilgrimage to the Ka’ba, performed the circumambulation around the Ka’ba [tawaf], ran seven times between Mounts Safa and Marwa [sa’y], threw rocks and washed themselves after intercourse. They also gargled, sniffed water up into their noses, clipped their fingernails, plucked their hair from their armpits, shaved their pubic hair and “performed the rite of circumcision. Likewise, they cut off the right hand of a thief.”

  100. nzobserver
    July 20, 2014

    Hi Shafiqah, sorry for popping in late into this discussion forum of yours.. I was just googling during my work break and found your site.

    I am a Malay reaching his 40s, and u must be the first Malay youth I met (both online and in real life) who can actually think and criticize mainstream thinking. I am not mainstream either; I quit mainstream thinking since the age of about 18, but I don’t write blogs and I don’t voice things out, unlike you. I live life quietly and blend in with the rest.

    But I’ve been through it all, and here’s the main points I learnt from experience that u might want to consider as you go about doing your lifelong ‘crusade’:
    1. Its wrong to take religion too seriously or to the letter. At one level, religion is a necessity as it protects humanity from itself; it provides a divine basis for morality and sense of divine security, and ensure that man lives life in dignity. And especially among the Malays, it provides kind of a social cohesion.
    But scratch more, go beyond that, if attempted to be followed to the letter, religion becomes a stifling force that brings nothing but misery to this world (see all the wars, conflicts, terrorism in the world over the past many hundreds of years).

    2. People will debate, fight, kill each other forever debating as to what the ‘real’ Islam is like or should be like; this will never end. But I feel that its immaterial. So long as religion, any religion, or any idea is followed with a pinch of salt, it can be good.

    3. I still don’t know if religion provides the answer to everything, even though it always claim to. But my policy is that if something preached by the imam or ustaz does not make sense, then it might not be true. After all, there was a hadith saying that Islam is supposed to be in line with common sense. So its only natural that I should only accept things that is in line with common sense.

    That’s all.. you are still young. Thread your path carefully and tactfully. Note what happens to Kassim Ahmad. If you need to contact me in person, you might be able to.

  101. Amirul Mukminin
    September 21, 2014

    People get more corrupted and more…can you tell me when we should implement this system?…you have no idea right…besides that you also thinking that your opinion is better than god…allah says do it so just do it…study historylah…umat islam dulu guna hukum hudud beratus-ratus tahun xde pe jadi pun…malaysia ni baru setahun jagung dh pandai ckp hukum allah x betullah,x sesuaila, apelah…macam2la…laksanakan dahulu baru kita atasi segala kelemahan dlm perlaksanaan sistem hudud ni… Cakap pandai kt dunia ni tapi depan allah kt akhirat kelak apa kite nk ckp…berani x nk pegang statement ko ni??…nk tahu kebersanan sesuatu hukum tu study historyla…hukum kafir x kemana pun….semakin kita jauh dr hukum allah … Semakin lemah umat islam dn semakin ditindas lagi…nmpk x permainannya…peace;)

    • sfqomhz
      September 21, 2014

      Another person who didn’t understand my point and proceeds to be infuriated by what he misunderstood. Also, it’s one thing to read history, and another to understand its context. Peace.

  102. Anonymous
    November 17, 2014

    Great article. Personally i myself support hudud to be implemented in Malaysia, but hudud that i want to see is came from Al Quran itself, not altered by humans. BUt then again, proper education since child is needed.

    There are no reasons to oppose Allah’s law, no question about it. If you think you can, please taubat before it is too late.

    Remember, even if 1 hair seen by not muhrim, big sin awaits you. I am no good in English, sorry for that.

  103. Bee
    November 30, 2014

    Asalamu alikum sister! ❤
    I think that because the Hudood ordinance is that law sent by Allah (SWT), it is the best law. In this life, it may seem that the laws are too harsh. However, we have to remember that Allah loves us more than we could ever imagine, and He knows better than anyone what is best for us.

  104. shimon65
    December 10, 2014

    Interesting article but I would ask you to back this statement up: “Despite Islam being the first religion to grant women and children rights”.

  105. Terfaktab Media
    January 5, 2015

    Hai Syafiqah,

    Kami berminat dengan penulisan dan pandangan awak. Boleh kami dapatkan email awak?

    Thank you.

    – Aqram

  106. Anonymous
    January 5, 2015

    A very good article which impressed me that there is someone like you who is a Muslim and not support the law in this country.. I am a non Muslim..I have no comment on the law..What I understand is there is other race in This country..There are quite big amount of Non Muslim in this country..we will feel left out..most Muslim believes that the law can make the country more peaceful.Maybe it will but like what the writer of this article mean that we don’t trust the people..Its not like we disagree the law but we have to think about other my opinion,It’s a very selfish act When hudud law is apply in this country..Where all the ‘perpaduan’ we should be? If This law happens,disaster might happen..

  107. Anonymous
    January 5, 2015

    Very good article..I am quite impressed that there is someone like you who is a Muslim and do not support the law..I am a non Muslim. i have no comment on the law because I do not real Quran and so my opinion,hudud law should not apply in this country because there are other races too..I remember someone told me before we need to treat every race nicely regardless religions or races.This country is kinda successful because of “perpaduan” among the races.. if this law apply,how about the non Muslim? Nobody thinks about that. Many Muslim believed hudud law can decrease the crime in the country..maybe it will,but like this writer of the article mentioned that she dont trust the people but she trust her God..Its kinda true to me. People have sins. Thats why the world is corrupted. Everywhere is corrupted. The only thing we can do is to take action since we are in the Democratic country..there no need to fight over religions and so on. We hold the same citizenship which means we have to stand for each other. Not having a war about sensitive stuff. Everyone has their own opinion about something. We have no rights to judge anyone’s opinion because we are not perfect except God. So,just stop and think what is the best for the country that do not affect any races.

  108. Anon
    March 20, 2015

    The problem all of you have is that all of you are afraid of those corrupted higher-ups and not afraid of Allah. All of you thought were about the higher-ups and not the way of going to His path. Allah is the Almighty and He knows what you dont know. You’re not afraid of Him but you are afraid of the authorities wrong doings and claimed that “it’s for the sake of human rights”. What are the reasons Law invented? To prevent the wrong doings. To make people afraid of doing crimes. That crimes shouldnt happen and something needs to be done to prevent the crime. What is the use of Laws? For justice. And because of laws that people are afraid to do crimes. But what you guys telling is that this Hudud law is something inapproriate. Then why is our existed law approriate to you? Allah wants us to love Him and be afraid of the punishment He’d give. Love Him and be afraid OF HIS PUNISHMENT. Not just “be afraid and dont love him” And definitely He will reward us better than in this world. Get your concept right honey. May he blesses you.

  109. Anonymous
    March 26, 2015

    How can human invented law be better of than God’s law when we believe God is the creator of human and the universe?
    Human’s law doesn’t apply in the hereafter but God’s law does. Sinner may escape punishment now but not on the judgement day in the hereafter.

  110. Rashid
    March 30, 2015

    “A lot of Muslims (me included) disagree with the implementation of Hudud law, not the law itself, because we don’t trust people, not because we don’t trust in Islam.”

    What do you mean by this? Are you saying you merely disagreeing with the implementation of hudud laws, but you agree with the hudud laws in principle? Does this mean you actually agree with cutting off hands of thieves, lashing fornicators, stoning adulterers, and executing apostates?

  111. karen
    May 15, 2015

    Back in Jan 2015 in US, we heard of an Islamic Tribunal has been established in Irving, Texas. I am a muslim and my heart dropped a bit. We have received enough hate from the wider community and I do not want to see the act of pushing this Sharia Law in Texas makes the life of being a muslim even more difficult. But my main concerns are below.

    They claimed that the Tribunal is for religious disputes and marital issues, then I wonder why the local Iman or Board of directors cannot offer such advises. Who are these judges? Who are they responsible to? (Don’t tell me they are responsible to Allah); who appointed them? Why all the judges are men? What are their background? (Yes, they may advise and you choose not to take it. But MAJORITY of muslim are not very well educated. They tend to “believe” anything or advise from the “religious” authority because they are afraid of offending Allah. This is a big SIN.)

    When judiciary mix with religion, it is a very complicated matter. Religion can use it as manipulate weak minded people or justified some “evil conscious / unconscious agenda

    Muslism has enough of dispute over fatwa from here and there. The whole event is just so unsettling. I am actually glad that Mayor of Irving made her stand. She denounced illegal entities that try to act outside the Constitution. That means it includes “Sharia “law”.

    We are living in US. I do not think it is wise to exercise the Sharia Law in US. This is not an Islamic country, period. We should respect their law.

    I have to confess that I don’t trust people who exercises the Sharia Law as well. (I agree that I trust Islam but not people. ) I do not see there is a high transparency and say for people in Sharia when compare to the law in America. Hardly people can question about the authority when it is come from Sharia.

    Somehow, Sharia should be imposed under the condition if there is a healthy judiciary system in which I doubt if there is ever happen in most of the muslim majority country AND as well as the western countries. We are talking about the degree of democracy and transparency. Please do not simplify of my explanation of WEST is better sort of argument.

    Thanks for your article. It is a good read.

  112. oirul
    July 10, 2015

    You can argue with proponents of the hudud law for thousands more years and you will not get an agreement.

    One side puts a heavy value on Akhirat that they argue on basis of implementing go’s instructions for an easy life in the hereafter.

    The other puts a heavy value on life in this world that they would argue on basis on worldly values for an easier life in this world.

    You are just arguing on totally different dimensions of cost/benefit.

    You are scared of the bastardisation of syariah, that’s fine. but so are the people of uighur scared for fasting, the rohingya for actually being muslims in myanmar, those palestinians who line up to pray in al-aqsa despite being frisked and lined up in steel cages for hours just to access jerusalem. What drives people to take seemingly crazy risks to continue their faith? When you have an appreciation that this life in this world is just a short-lived dirty hell-hole of an exam room/pitstop in your journey then you would consider these obligation as mere trivial discomforts for what is to come.

    Imam syafii in his iktirof wrote “I’m not good enough to be in your heavens but i am not strong enough to stand your punishment in hell”. If One of the 4 sunni imams said this, imagine what a bunch of sinful twats we all are.

    By the way, stoning is recorded in prophets time, look up the story of Ma’iz bin Malik (i admittedly have to refer back to my book to recall this guy’s name) with the prophet s.a.w.

    I notice there are “knowledge gaps” on your end that would address your “but this isn’t in the quran” argument in the other article. Instead of being the internet researcher, i suggest you nicely ask to meet and talk to these Ulama’ that you seemingly despise and really understand the source of punishments.

    A few wikipedia articles and internet pieces on chemical reactions won’t make you a chemist, not even a chemistry tutor, not even engage in a debate with a university chemistry student.

    Once you have understood the sources of the punishments (taken from the kitab kitab) and if you are still against the implementation, then that will be your dialogue with Allah in the hereafter. May Allah provide us stupid humans with continuous Hidayah and knowledge to understand, Amin.

  113. ckpsaja
    July 29, 2015

    i agree completely with your ustaz.
    the problem with muslims nowadays is that they ‘think’ too much.
    u should be careful of what u write syafiqah. remember

    10:36 Dan kebanyakan mereka tidak mengikuti kecuali persangkaan saja. Sesungguhnya persangkaan itu tidak sedikit pun berguna untuk mencapai kebenaran. Sesungguhnya Allah Maha Mengetahui apa yang mereka kerjakan.

    10:36 For, most of them follow nothing but conjecture: [and,] behold, conjecture can never be a substitute for truth. [58] Verily, God has full knowledge of all that they do.

    furthermore, if u should disagree with Islam, it would be best to remain silent.
    when u’re silent, at least u do not propagate discord among the ummah.
    u’re not just misled, but u’re misleading others as well.

    that is a greater crime to commit because it is not longer confined to you, but those around u as well. Allah created u and gave u a brain. wouldnt it be reasonable to accept that He knows the extent of ur thought?

  114. Anon
    September 23, 2015

    hi sis.I couldnt debate abt devine as Im lack of knowledge but I hope u’d resposible for everything uve said on this dunia. I’m not saying this to tell u that ur point is wrong, uve given proofs which is hard to not agree’s good. I’m not telling u to repent either.I’m here to remind u that the words uve given for people to believe in will make u carry the deeds and sins even for hereafter. so please be careful. It’s hard to be an ahli Fiqh. It doesnt take 2 or 3 years. It requires conditions and it is not as easy as a snap but I believe u’re sincere in studying abt divine and work just as hard as others. If you’ve done so much to study abt divine I’m sure other people too. Just, dont degrade others to make ur point right. Be humble, Allah loves the most. And I hope when you’re pointing abt an ayat, intrepreting the quran, I hope Quran, Sunnah and you are bestfriends (it must be lah kan). Keep up the learning sis. Allah is looking out on you.

  115. Azizi Ahmad
    March 21, 2016

    Assalamualaikum. Lots been said about Hudud and I believe all Muslim will agreed that these are HIS Words. However, in the implementation we need to really look into it. Many of us Muslim do not clear about Hudud. Hudud law is explicit and many of us thought things that are Hudud are actually do not fall under hudud. For example zina is hudud because the sentence is specific. However in order to execute them is not easy. Prophet Muhammad SAW had an experience which was told whereby a maiden called upon him and admitted in committing zina and now pregnant. Prophet Muhammad SAW however in implementing the Hudud, He did not immediately executing them but he asked and verified many things. I do not want to state the story further as it can be read easily in the media. In short, Prophet Muhammad SAW did not made any judgment but the maiden herself requested she be executed after prolonged discussion with Prophet Muhammad. We should look into this as a guideline, it is not as simple. Furthermore, this Prophet Muhammad who is Siddiq, Amanah, Tabligh and Fatonah. Compare to us now, could we do the same ? I doubt that. Therefore, the issues is not about Hudud. The issue is not implementing Hudud. The real issue is who are the people that are going to implement, foresee and monitor this Hudud such that it will not be manipulated ? Some people might say Ulama’, people who are converse with Islam etc. Again the question, who the righteous amongst the Muslim today ? Saidina Abu Bakar – his called as As’Siddiq, Saidana Umar – Al-Khattab.

    Let me share this.
    “Islam tak kenal bangsa, pakaian, rupa paras, keturunan, adat resam, kedudukan, pangkat, darjat, harta benda, famili, rakan, warna kulit and the lists goes on and on and on….Islam hanya kenal satu…..adakah kita percaya, yakin, bergantung, berkehendak, berserah kepada ALLAH SWT. That’s about it. Being a muslim does not mean we above others, being a muslim does not mean we are always right the rest are wrong, being a muslim does not mean we have more rights from others etc. Being a muslim is basically stating we are just a “hamba” to ALLAH SWT. Submits to HIS Will. So until that’s have been met, it is better to remind oneself rather than reminding others. Berdiam diri adalah lebih baik dari berkata-kata sekiranya kita tidak mengetahui.”

  116. resort
    June 9, 2016

    It seems that is going to happen anyway now… Please…
    Our fate, malays and non-malays, actually depend on the majority malays.

  117. Azim Hafiy
    July 12, 2016

    You trust in Islamic Law but you do not trust the people executing them, right?

    Then who do you trust to execute Islamic Law justly if not Ustazs and Ulama’s?

    When do we start making progression towards Islamic Law if not now?

  118. Anonymous
    July 18, 2016

    I pray for goodness in you, lovely one

  119. KI
    February 2, 2017

    Refreshing writing. I understand what is she trying to say here. She does not even against to the law, but the HUDUD pas version. I found it’s completely true that Allah has ordered to implement His law in daily life. However, the point that she brought up here is about how the law can be misused by people like ourselves in order to implement HUDUD. That has nothing to do with the Islamic Law because it is completely and clearly from Allah. The Hadi’s Bill is even only trying to politicise the religion not really about upholding the islamic law. I agreed with some of commenters here that have been saying about “we must trust Allah because He knows everything”. However, the misinterpretation of Hudud will bring to a big problem. The corruption in our system too. Thank you Shafiqah for a clear writing.

  120. inayahcupcake12
    February 7, 2017

    “When a woman accuses her husband of infidelity, she has to prove his guilt. When a man accuses his wife of infidelity, she has to prove her innocence.”

    A complete inversion of Surah Noor.

    I agree with you completely. Hudud and Sharia are never applied correctly. Institutionalizing them will bring destruction.

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