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20130506-234745.jpgI was sent this picture by someone who apparently thinks I would feel the pinch of it. But instead, I have decided to write my counterargument to it.

Now I present to you:


1. Don’t complain if you get your AES summons next month. Just shut up and pay!

If I were to get an AES summon, it would be my own fault. It’s normal to feel annoyed if you were to receive a summon, but if you know you are wrong, then just pay for your mistakes. Do you know what’s the purpose of AES cameras and summons? To ensure road safety. To reduce speeding cars and motorists and to reduce the amount of accidents. Just in case you were wondering, there’s a difference between traffic police summons and AES summons. AES cameras do no wrong. They catch you on tape when you’re speeding. If you’re speeding against the maximum speed, then you deserve a summon. It’s traffic police summons you’re angry about. nYou don’t want AES summons? Then don’t complain if people speed on roads and road accidents happen more often.

2. Don’t complain if you or your loved ones get robbed or become victims of snatch thieves. Tell yourself that you deserve it.

Snatch thieves have nothing to do with the government. A change in the ruling power won’t stop criminals from working around the law and committing crimes. There will always be bad people. Besides, it’s not like BN never promised an increase in police manpower in their manifesto. We deserve to get robbed because we voted for BN? Clearly, you have a problem.

3. Don’t complain if you get stopped at the airport and are not allowed to go on a holiday all because your PTPTN loan is not paid promptly. You asked for it.

Did you know that people can pay as low as Rm100 each month for their PTPTN debt? Or did you know that PTPTN is as good as free if you are above a certain pointer? Do you know what’s the purpose of PTPTN? It’s to provide a student loan for people who have the drive and passion to study. If you know you’re not going to be serious in your studies, either a) Don’t bother going to a college if you’re going to slack off or b) Don’t loan from PTPTN. Not only is PTPTN free is you’re above a certain pointer, but with your qualifications, you might even have a good job to pay off the debt promptly. The reason why you are not allowed to travel overseas with PTPTN debt is because you owe the government and they don’t want you to run away. You have a debt, repay it. Running away from your trouble doesn’t make you a righteous person. If you’re smart and hardworking, education is technically free. If you take loans for granted, then that’s your fault.

4. Don’t complain if the price of cars, houses and household items go up. Just zip up and live like a beggar with the BR1M you received.

Increase and decrease in prices are not determined by the government, but by the economy. And besides, the prices of MOST houses in Malaysia are not set by the the government, but the real estate companies that hold them, and even then, their prices are based off how the economy in Malaysia is doing. Even if the government does build houses, they only make “mampu milik” houses that you mampu milik! They are cheap and affordable, but if you can’t even mampu to milik these mampu milik houses, then I suggest you just rent an apartment. About cars and items, the same thing applies. If you can afford a car, then go ahead and buy one. If you can’t, don’t complain. Work hard, save money, whatever. Don’t expect the government to give you everything for crazy cheap or free. They have a country to run. They’re not your boyfriend. It’s up to you to ensure you succeed in life, no one else. Who is living like a beggar? Us, or those who want everything easy?

5. Don’t complain if you are called an Indian and you are called a “pariah” or a “keling”. You deserve to be treated like that.

To say an Indian person deserves to be called a racist remark only because he or she votes for a political party that you do not favour shows so much about what kind of person you are. Besides, even a change in the ruling government won’t miraculously decrease the amount of racists living amongst us. The government can do whatever it takes to promote racial harmony, but at the end of the day, it’s still up to the citizens.

6. Don’t complain if your son or daughter did not get a scholarship even though he or she was a straight A student. You made usurp it happened.

I know no one who has earned straight A’s and did not get a scholarship. It depends on how this student acts as well. If you are a grade A student, but you sit at home and wait for scholarships to fly to your doorstep, obviously you’d have a harder time earning one. But if you actually take the initiative to go out and look for a scholarship, then very likely, you WILL get one, considering you are an excellent student. Besides, please keep in mind that PTPTN is not the only student loan that provides a scholarship programme. And as a parent, it’s your job to make sure your child does not rot his or her life away at home. It’s not the government’s job to raise your kids. Besides, I have a lot of cousins who are now studying overseas, fully endorsed by the government.

7. Don’t complain if Rosmah wears a diamond ring or whatever and you wear a silver chain. You let her and the government do as they please.

Who are you to say that Rosmah only lives on the money of the people? If you’re talking about the Rm 24 million ring again, then I’m sorry, I think you migh have missed out on something. It has already been proven that Rosmah owns no ring of that price, and she did not buy it. Besides, if Rosmah owns anything that is branded or expensive, please keep in mind that she is the prime minister’s wife. The prime minister does businesses too, and being someone who runs the country, he obviously earns much more than a normal 9 to 5 job. The prime minister is not the only person in Malaysia who is rich. Just because he is in charge of the country and is always in the limelight, people automatically accuse him of using the people’s money for his own delight. We are no one to make such accusations, but unfortunately, people these days don’t have the decency to think good of someone who is doing better than them. And furthermore, I wouldn’t care if she was wearing a diamond ring and I wear only a silver chain, because I clearly where I stand.

8. Don’t complain if you have friends or relatives who died in lockup. You were the cause of it.

If someone dies in lockup, that basically means they received life sentence for a crime that is gravely against the law. To say that we deserve to have friends or family die because we vote for BN is the most awful and disgusting thing I have ever read.

9. Don’t complain if politicians you know make billions and got away with it. You gave them the opportunity to.

What you don’t know is that most politicians in BN are also businessmen who make money through projects. They don’t just sit and talk in forums and debate relentlessly. And I know what you’re going to say. “They get the money through cronyism!” Before anything else, do you know what is cronyism? Cronyism is the act of appointing someone into a political office WITHOUT REGARD to their qualifications. If these politicians are able to make billions of money through projects, be it independent or government-based, understand that this means they are qualified for their job. They worked hard for projects and businesses, it’s only fair they get the money they deserve. Just because you’re friends with people in the cabinet, it does not simply make an act of cronyism.

10. Don’t complain if BN taxes you with service tax, government tax, income tax and all sorts of taxes. Just take the BR1M to pay for it.

First of all, government taxes and income taxes are mandatory in every country, so you cannot run away from that. Service taxes depends on the company which supplies their services to you, and they are mostly not government-based. Government taxes and income taxes are what contributes to the country’s revenue, and this is the money used for developing the country, for example, making hospitals, schools or new buildings. The problem with people is that they expect the government to turn Malaysia into a developed country without contributing anything at all. I thought you loved this country, so why won’t you chip in a bit to help the country move forward, instead of always shouting “Guna duit rakyat!” every time a new building is in the making. And besides, our taxes are not that high as compared to many other countries.

11. Lastly, after our country is bankrupt, don’t complain if your daughters or granddaughters may have to be sent to other countries as maids. Thanks to you, of course.

Besides the worldwide economic depressions in the past where Malaysia was NEARING bankruptcy, when else has Malaysia ever been in poverty? How are we supposed to be bankrupt when our debts are decreasing? And you’re using the wrong example. Economic depression is not the only reason why people are sent overseas to work. The reason why people are sent to work overseas are because their country are either a) over-populated or b) no job vacancies. That’s why countries like India, Bangladesh, Philippines and Indonesia send labour workers and maids to work in other countries. Even then, it’s not the government that sends them overseas, but it’s their own initiative to get registered under the company.

The condescending tone of that picture just disgusts me, and I couldn’t just sit still reading something that made me choke on my own vomit. Whoever you are that wrote this, may God bless you, because you really need it.



  1. zakzak
    May 15, 2013

    Nice rebuttal. If only somebody could make the rebuttal in point form, in a table, side by side that’ll be even better.

    Again, nice rebuttal.

  2. firdausazil
    July 24, 2013

    good one

  3. MM
    July 24, 2013

    Well said! Unfortunately a lot of Malaysians think that if you change the government from BN to PR, Malaysia will immediately turn to utopia – no crime, everything is free (wonder where they will get the money when they pay less tax?), cheap house, we will suddenly become as rich as Singapore etc. How silly!

    This is what I think will happen if PR ever took power. The first year, they will fight among themselves who should take what ministry. Why do I say that? Until now, there is still no shadow cabinet from PR side. If they are really ready to govern, they should announce a formal one immediately after the GE. If they can’t even come up with a shadow cabinet, how to come up with the real one without fighting with each other like in Selangor?

    The second year, they will cancel all the contracts to BN cronies and replace them with PR cronies. Maybe the same people though coz you know that businessmen will play both sides. Survival maa… Tax payers will however fund the compensation to be paid due to the cancelation of contracts.

    Third and fourth year, they will do nothing but blame everything that went wrong to the previous BN government BUT everything that went right, they will take the credit even though the legwork was done during BN time. We saw that happening in Penang and Selangor.

    Fifth year – we enter into election mode. By that time, we no longer have freedom of speech. All the blogs and pro-Oppo (BN) medias are banned (e.g. Utusan is banned in Penang). Gag order will be issued every other day (DAP’s favourite tool to silence dissent). Everybody who supported BN will be labelled traitor and attacked by their cyber troopers. The end of democracy in Malaysia.

    Too far fetched? Maybe yes.. maybe no..

  4. Parcifal
    July 24, 2013

    Dap chinese also liberally use the word keling or pariah.
    Also they like to say malayu bodoh and malay-sei-a
    Bloody hypocrites

  5. Carliff Carleel
    July 26, 2013

    Read your Hijab: Compulsory or choice article then saw this. I can say you have a new fan. All the best.

  6. sha
    September 25, 2013

    Spots on

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